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Play To Win: Planning Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

About the Webinar

In this session, we discuss key elements for planning your 2021 Marketing Strategy, specifically related to achieving your business goals. We walk you through how to:

  • Define and speak to your core audience
  • Create an online presence that clearly defines your value proposition (using the StoryBrand Methodology)
  • Determine your most urgent needs and strategic proactive initiatives (read: create your marketing plan)
  • Confirm your delivery/accountability team to implement your strategy
  • Put your plan into motion…so it’s not just another good idea stuck in your notebook
  • Bonus: Create realistic expectations for measurement and ROI


Kelli Schutrop


As Vice President of Sales, Kelli helps CEOs, owners, and visionaries transform their business goals into realities by building brands and driving qualified leads. She has managed marketing and communications for leading executive search and consulting firms, and has provided marketing consulting to more than 18 brands, including one of the country’s top advertising agencies (Olson) and one of the country’s top search and consulting firms (Versique).

The Proven Process: How Marketing Can Help You Come Out of COVID-19 Stronger

About the Webinar

COVID was the curveball no one expected. We are X months into our “new normal” and everything is virtual. Prospective clients are looking online to validate (or discredit) their decision to partner with you. Does your online presence help or hurt you? Whether you’ve been investing in successful marketing for years or have not given it much thought, it’s time to learn The Proven Process of Digital Marketing and how building your brand credibility, online visibility, and lead generation will help you come out of COVID stronger. This presentation will provide tangible takeaways you can implement (internally) within days, as well as a roadmap to implement marketing the right way to achieve results for years to come.


Kelli Schutrop


As Vice President of Sales, Kelli helps CEOs, owners, and visionaries transform their business goals into realities by building brands and driving qualified leads. She has managed marketing and communications for leading executive search and consulting firms, and has provided marketing consulting to more than 18 brands, including one of the country’s top advertising agencies (Olson) and one of the country’s top search and consulting firms (Versique).

It’s No Longer Good Enough to “Do” Digital Marketing

As a member of several leadership best practice groups, it has been overwhelmingly apparent over the last couple of years that business leaders are trying to understand and prepare for “digital transformation.” It’s a buzz word, yes, but if it didn’t pique your interest in 2019, with COVID-19 and the resulting systemic change in how we do business in 2020, you will be left behind if you don’t get on board.

If you aren’t marketing digitally, good luck. If you dabble in it, it won’t be enough. The “one-off” approach is dead; sophistication is here to stay. To succeed in the staffing and recruiting industry into the future, you need a holistic digital strategy, and here is why.

1. Strategy

Everything is getting more competitive online. 5 years ago, the percentage of people doing paid advertising and the percentage of people leveraging LinkedIn was a fraction of what it is today. With the increase in competition, how are you going to stand out? How is your brand unique? How are you going to leverage the data you capture? How are you going to refine your campaigns to maximize ad spend? How are you going to automate processes? All of these individually will provide minimal results but together, working in harmony, it is rocket fuel. Rather than using random tools in parallel, create an omni-channel strategy where resources are supported, designed and orchestrated together to achieve results.

2. Branding

Our CEO, Tony Sorensen, has always said, “Your website should be your best salesperson.” I am going to one-up him and say that today, “Your digital presence should be your best salesperson.” A standalone website can’t do the job of telling your story anymore. You have to nail your messaging and then you have to promote it consistently everywhere—your website, your social media channels, your email marketing, and on down to every blog you write. If the message is fragmented, stale or inconsistent, buyers will recognize it and your credibility will take a hit. You would never go to a client meeting in sweatpants, would you? The same principle applies to your digital marketing efforts. Anytime someone schedules a time to talk to me, the first thing I do is evaluate their digital brand across every platform I can think of, from website to social to blogs and videos to individual employees’ pages within the company. Create a brand of value that solves your clients’ pain points and meets them where they are.

3. Technology

This topic is my personal favorite. Marketing is no longer a billboard or a magazine ad. Marketing is highly sophisticated and weaves throughout your entire organization. There are so many tools out there today that make your processes more efficient, more consistent, more dynamic, more scalable, and provide a much better user experience. Things like chatbots, automation, AI, mobile apps and BI all play a part in marketing better, but most companies do not use the tools they have at a fraction of their capacity and usually don’t set them up in a way that they are working together in unison to drive true business growth. Companies big and small, simple and complex need to understand their tech stack and how to leverage it to grow their business. Now is a great time to be considering all of those things.

4. Sales Enablement

There is literally zero segmentation between sales and marketing anymore. The days of old where the marketing team gets an inbound lead and passes it over to sales to close simply doesn’t exist anymore. My friend texted me the other day and said, ‘Always Be Closing’ is dead; the next 5 years is going to be, ‘Always Be Connecting.’ The last few years have seen the rise of the Chief Revenue Officer because sales and marketing have the same objective – to drive revenue. A buyer’s journey never ends. Companies of the future are using technology to systematically market and sell, from before you know a potential client exists, to adding value to a trusted partner, to making sure you get the next job order. How are you working with your sales teams to market past the traditional “marketing qualified lead”? If you have question about your digital marketing efforts, our team is here to help. I would personally love to talk strategy with you (I thrive off of it!) and help you determine how to successfully grow and fuel the future of your business. Contact me here.

Turning Chaos into Opportunity - Time to Refresh Your Website Parqa

Turning Chaos into Opportunity: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Refresh Your Website

There is no way to know when this economic nightmare is going to end. It doesn’t matter how many well-informed economic forecasts we read or podcasts we listen to; there is simply no way to know precisely when the world will bounce back and regain a semblance of normalcy.

However, we do know for certain that it will, eventually, bounce back. Instead of wasting your time shouting at the heavens, it’s time to take action and prepare your staffing and recruiting firm for success on the other side of this challenge. Instead of asking when this will all end, you should be asking yourself, what is my firm going to do when it does end?

This slow period of business is the perfect opportunity for you to dedicate the time and resources to set your firm up for post-Coronavirus success. And that starts with having a website that represents your firm’s brand, values, and services

Your Website is a Reflection of Your Company

When HR leaders and candidates are doing their research by examining your website, you can bet that they’re doing the same for your competition. Your firm should strive to always be a step ahead of the competition, and by having a more modern, updated website, you’ll possess the digital edge.

Regardless of the business climate you find yourself in, it’s important to keep an eye on the marketing strategies of your competitors. Especially their websites. Don’t stand idly by and let them lap you with a fresh new website.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

When HR leaders and candidates are doing their research by examining your website, you can bet that they’re doing the same for your competition. Your firm should strive to always be a step ahead of the competition, and by having a more modern, updated website, you’ll possess the digital edge.

Regardless of the business climate you find yourself in, it’s important to keep an eye on the marketing strategies of your competitors. Especially their websites. Don’t stand idly by and let them lap you with a fresh new website.

Updating Your Brand Messaging

If done well, your current website reflects the challenges and pain points that your clients were experiencing pre-Coronavirus. Is that messaging still relevant to your clients today?

Another benefit of tackling a website refresh or redesign during this transitional period is updating your website’s messaging.  While a few industries and sectors have been able to avoid being impacted, a strong majority of employers face new challenges and will require different forms of support from staffing and recruiting firms. 

By updating your messaging to reflect these new issues, your firm will present itself as a trusted partner who understands the modern business landscape.

Parqa Marketing Website Solutions

Take advantage of the current slowdown in business by investing in a new website for your firm. At Parqa Marketing, we exclusively serve the staffing and recruiting industry. By working with our team to share your story, you’ll gain an expert digital marketing partner who has a deep understanding of your industry. 

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our approach to website development. 

10 Brand Questions Every Staffing and Recruiting Firm Should Be Asking Now

10 Brand Questions Every Staffing and Recruiting Firm Should Be Asking Now

About the Webinar

With the fluid nature of the market today, many Staffing and Recruiting Firms are looking for ways they can weather current market uncertainty and come out on the other side stronger than they were entering 2020. One of the most effective and often overlooked ways you can minimize dips in your business while coming out in a position of strength is by investing time and resources towards brand awareness and visibility on LinkedIn.

During “10 Brand Questions Every Staffing and Recruiting Firm Should be Asking Now” we’re going to sit down with Chanel Schmidt, Director of Creative Services at Parqa Digital Marketing to discuss how staffing and recruiting firms can start focusing on building brand awareness and when they should start considering a paid strategy to increase their reach. Chanel has gained unique insights through working with staffing and recruiting firms of all shapes and sizes to build effective brand strategies.

First Five: How do I get started building my brand today?

• Why does having a great brand presence on LinkedIn matter?
• What are the most essential factors of building and maintaining a brand on LinkedIn?
• What types of content should I post to build a great brand as staffing/recruiting company?
• How often should you post organically? Why is it important to post regularly?
• Paid LinkedIn – if I have my organic presence at all-star level, where do I start with paid LinkedIn campaigns?

Last Five: What can I expect from investing in a paid branding and lead generation strategy?

• How does LinkedIn’s brand awareness/lead gen service work?
• What sort of impact can I expect it to have on business?
• How do I quantify the results? How can I connect this to requisitions or revenue?
• How much time does it take to execute a paid strategy on a daily/weekly basis?
• What sort of positive or negative feedback do you hear consistently?


Chanel Schmidt


Chanel Schmidt is a driven and creative social media marketer with a proven track record of building marketing strategies and leveraging relationships to deliver results. As the Director of Creative Services at Parqa, Chanel leads all brand and client campaigns across the social media landscape from strategy to execution. Motivated by positivity, creativity and helping others, Chanel is passionate about strategic campaign planning, problem-solving and team building. What makes her tick? Understanding how social cohesively integrates within the broader media universe to deliver against business objectives. In her previous role, Chanel helped transform social media into the highest ROI-driving media channel in the organization, while growing the company’s influencer marketing program by more than 20x.

EmInfo webinar march 2020

Building Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn: The Top Staffing & Recruiting Questions Answered

About the Webinar

Back by popular demand, Parqa Founder and CEO Tony Sorensen will address the most frequently asked questions from staffing owners, managers and recruiters about building your brand on LinkedIn. Late last year, Tony gave a very similar presentation for the American Staffing Association, where more than 500 attended and a 94% satisfaction rate was received. Tony will address best practices in the following 3 areas:

  1. Credibility on LinkedIn: What can you do to stand out?
  2. Visibility: When you post great content, how do you ensure the most people possible see it?
  3. Metrics: How should companies, recruiters and managers track success on LinkedIn?

As part of this webinar, you will also receive two free downloadable guides to leveraging some of LinkedIn’s newest platform updates: Featured Content and LinkedIn Events. This is one event you don’t want to miss!

In Partnership With


Tony Sorensen


Tony Sorensen is the founding visionary of Parqa. As a 20-year veteran and thought leader in the consulting and executive search industries, Tony is responsible for all aspects of the business. He is passionate about building winning teams, growing staffing and recruiting companies through digital marketing, strategic partnership development, and philanthropy.

Tony is an industry expert on a national level. As an authority in staffing and recruiting, Tony loves to travel the country speaking at conferences such as NAPS National Conference, ASA (American Staffing Association), NYSA (New York Staffing Association), TechServe Alliance, and more.


Why Staffing and Recruiting Firm Owners Refuse to Invest in Their Brands

Everyone wants their company to be the first name that comes to mind when their ideal customers look for a partner. But many staffing and recruiting firm owners are still hesitant to invest in their brand to get themselves there. There are a range of reasons, and even though my team and I spend a lot of time explaining the benefits, I still run into a few common barriers. 

I think it’s time I put these issues to rest and illustrate just why investing in your firm’s brand is critical to long-term growth.

“It’s Too Expensive”

While it’s true properly building your brand isn’t free, when I compare it to other expenses and consider the long-term gains, I’m shocked that this is still a sticking point for firm owners. The fact is that to properly benefit from any investment in your brand, you need to commit to it like you would any other investment. If you throw a small budget at a project for a few weeks and expect a huge burst of leads or boost in stats, you’re going to be disappointed.

When you need to add another recruiter to your team, you do that immediately even though that is an expensive investment that isn’t guaranteed to work. You need the increased capacity on your team and you’re willing to give them the proper chance to prove their impact. If this is an easy choice, why don’t firm owners do the same with their brands? 

The key to mitigating the expense of brand building is avoiding costly mistakes. If you’re looking for ROI, make sure the data you’re capturing is accurate and useful. Without accurate data, adjusting your marketing efforts to best reach your ideal clients is difficult, resulting in wasted money and low returns. Committing to brand building and thoughtful planning goes a long way toward positive ROI from branding.

“I’ve Tried It Before, I Didn’t See Results.”

The word that most firm owners leave out of this statement is “immediately.” While I don’t doubt that a lot of firms have tried to expand their brand, it isn’t an overnight lead magnet. In some cases, there will be an initial boost of leads in the beginning, but as time goes on, the focus on short-term lead generation wears down and the leads stop coming in.

There are two things wrong with this approach, even if you are an experienced marketer. First, the goal of brand building is not simply to generate leads, instead, you are establishing your credibility for potential leads doing research. When your ideal customer decides it’s time to speak with a recruiter, they’ll do their research, and your firm needs to be well represented.

The second problem is the timeline. Building a strong and trustworthy brand takes time and if you don’t see it through to the end, the time you put in at the front end will be wasted. Think about the trial period you give a new employee or new vendor; with only a month or two to proves themselves, what kind of results can you expect. Successful investment in your brand requires support and confidence that while there might not be immediate returns, the work you put into your brand will pave the way for future growth and continued success.

“I’m Already Well Known in my Market”

First off, congratulations. Seriously, being the top of mind firm in your market is no easy task and goes a long way to growing your business. But it doesn’t stop there. Even if people know your name across your market, investing in your brand is still important to answer one question from the people who’ve heard of you: “Why should I work with you?”

If your potential clients don’t have the information necessary to trust your experience, they may not pick up the phone to call. What’s more, if they are searching for you or your firm by name, but they need to work with other members of your team, you need to establish their credentials as well. Bios and consistently published content work to not only promote your firm and your team, but they give online leads a body of information that they can learn from.

If you’re well known in your market, the next step is to answer the question, “Well known for what?” Investing in your branding and that of your team establishes your firm as a thought leader in your industry and the best option in your market. Make it easy on your sales team and convince your clients that you’re the best partner before they ever pick up the phone.

“I Don’t Know Where to Start”

This is one of the most common answers I hear from owners. The good news is, it’s also the easiest to answer. If you’re tackling your branding and marketing in-house my answer would be to start small, updating your website and social media profiles and creating new web content. While you can start with simple actions, the key is to be consistent and dedicate time and resources to the success of your efforts.

Honestly, digital marketing is a complex animal, and if your team isn’t equipped with the skillsets or the time to tackle it, you’re better off working with a partner. I’m not just saying that because I want to be that partner either. If you start with the best intentions but lose steam when other parts of the business get busy, it will be hard to see any concrete results. Just as your clients come to you as the expert in filling open positions, digital marketing and branding firms specialize in improving your online presence.

By committing resources to branding and engaging a specialized firm to reach your goals, you have the greatest chance for success. Your team is free to focus on what they do best and make use of your improved brand, while our team handles the constant upkeep and content creation of a successful branding initiative. So in short, my answer to this question is not so much where you should start, rather that it isn’t too late to start building your brand, provided you’re willing to commit and invest in the long-term success of your brand.

If you’re ready to discuss building your brand, or you still have some unanswered questions, I’d love to chat and identify some areas for improvement in your marketing efforts. Get in touch today

Is it Time to Refresh Your Staffing and Recruiting Website?

As a staffing and recruiting firm owner, you’re always grappling with major business decisions. From growing your firm through business development to finding the best tools and technologies to help your recruiters fill searches and job orders, there is no shortage of critical issues that require your attention.

For many owners, dealing with all of these pressing issues forces them to put their marketing, and in particular, their website, on the back burner. As a digital marketing agency that specializes in tackling digital transformation for staffing and recruiting firms, we see this critical misstep time and time again. If you want to grow your firm, it’s a misstep you can’t afford to commit.

But how do firms know when their website is due for a refresh? We recently hosted a webinar and published an eBook on this very topic. Here are some of the highlights.

Does the Look of Your Site Feel Old?

In the staffing and recruiting world, a first impression carries a ton of weight. They are plenty of firms out there who can solve the hiring challenges that employers are struggling with, and a bad first impression can send a lead directly to your competition. You should think of the look and feel of your website as the first impression your firm has with a visitor.

So ask yourself, what will a new visitor to your site think of your website? Will they have a positive first experience? Will they be turned off by an outdated, unoriginal, or boring design? If you can’t answer with confidence that a new lead will find the design of your website appealing, it’s time to refresh your site

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How Quickly Does Your Website Load?

In today’s on-the-go, instant-satisfaction world, potential leads will not patiently wait for your website to load. If pages on your site take more than three seconds to load, you have some performance issues that require attention.

Your staffing and recruiting website does not need to be a super-charged sports car with light-speed load times, but if your site is performing like a Vespa, it’s time to refresh your site.

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What Does Your Website Say About Your Firm?

Today’s buyer conducts a lot of research before they deem a vendor worthy of their engagement. That means that they’ll be hopping all-around your website to see if your firm is credible enough to solve their business challenges. Is the content on your site going to accurately demonstrate your firm’s reputation? Or will your content fall flat and send them seeking out another firm?

The content on your site must convince visitors that your firm not only understands their unique pain points but has the ability to solve them. If your content is not focused, aligned with your current business initiatives, and engaging, it’s time to overhaul it and create new, compelling content. 

macbook with keyboard

Why Design is Important When Promoting your Business

As we’ve mentioned before, in previous blogs, visual content can boost your lead generation conversion rates tremendously. Now more than ever design plays a huge role in promoting your brand.

You’re probably wondering what’s considered “good design” when promoting your business. Good design is functional, communicative, and appealing to the consumer.

No matter the digital platform your brand appears on; your design should stay consistent.

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Drive More NEW Leads

Design and visual drive engagement, which drive more new customers. Nearly 46% of people say that website design is the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of your brand (HubSpot). Think of design as a first impression during an introductory meeting.

Whether on social media or your website, brand design should grab the attention, especially I to new consumers who haven’t been associated with your company before. Essentially, design could be the determining factor of what drives conversion. So, don’t take it lightly.

Makes Your Brand More Memorable

Think of the most successful brands like Target, McDonald’s, and Apple. What do they all have in common? A well-thought-out design driven by creative vision. You can easily identify their logo, colors, fonts, etc. at a moment’s notice, even when you can’t see the whole logo. Keeping your brand design simple but bold can be very effective.

Design makes your brand more memorable than text does. Specific visuals can help represent your company in a meaningful way that emphasizes your core values.

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Gives A Competitive Edge

Design is a powerful tool that can give you the competitive edge needed to differentiate yourself from your biggest competitors. Think about a time when you chose a product or service over another simply because its packaging or branding looked better.

Aligning your company brand with your design and creative strategy can help your business gain a competitive advantage and increase engagement. You risk turning people away from converting if the design isn’t well thought out.

As you can see, design plays a significant role in generating the success of a business.

Contact Parqa today to kick-start your branding efforts and align your creative vision with your business initiatives.

webinar for staffing company

The Power of Online Visibility in Attracting New Business

Parqa’s founder, Tony Sorensen speaks about the importance of improving your rankings in Google’s results pages with content marketing. Your company needs to build both online visibility and brand credibility to land clients. This webinar is a must-watch for any staffing and recruiting firm owners regardless of your experience in digital marketing.

The webinar covers:

  • The importance of your firm’s online visibility in search engine results pages
  • How the content on your website builds credibility with potential clients
  • How to leverage your visibility and credibility to grow your business

We look at the shift from ranking high on Google being the most important digital marketing toward the need for website content to convince clients that your firm is the best partner for them. While your firm’s search engine ranking is still important for online visibility, potential clients won’t pick up the phone unless you build your brand credibility. 

The good news? It’s never too late to start building a digital marketing strategy around content marketing. This webinar has tips for building online visibility on search engines, building brand credibility with website content, and leveraging the two to motivate clients to partner with your firm. 

While the live webinar featured a Q&A session, registered attendees could follow-up further and get any unanswered questions addressed through a complimentary consultation on digital marketing. 

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