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Built for the Future: Leveraging Technology and Automation for Growth

About the Digital Marketing Webinar

Marketing Technology is rapidly changing the landscape of staffing and recruiting. Five years ago, if you had an updated website, you were ahead of the game. Today, it is expected that your website is an extension of your sales team. Early adaptors to marketing automation are already on their way to positioning themselves ahead of the pack.

New advances are changing the way staffing and recruiting teams connect with potential clients and candidates as well as a host of new tools to run your digital marketing strategy. Are you reaching clients where they spend their time online? Can they find you when they need a position filled? Do automated emails send out to your newly active candidates? 

The team at Parqa are experts in building and maintaining comprehensive digital marketing programs and automation designed specifically for your niche and your firm’s unique needs.


Jared Hummel


Jared Hummel is an experienced business leader with a history of building start-up organizations into streamlined, revenue-generating companies. As the President of Parqa, he leads with a strong financial background and is motivated by enhancing growth and finding solutions to complex operating and execution-based challenges. He enjoys working with company leaders to integrate digital strategies into overall business decisions – with an emphasis on nurturing clients and candidates through automation – to drive revenue. At Parqa, he combines his finance, operations, and marketing background to help fuel growth for the company as well as its partners across the country.

The Proven Process: How Marketing Can Help You Come Out of COVID-19 Stronger

About the Webinar

COVID was the curveball no one expected. We are X months into our “new normal” and everything is virtual. Prospective clients are looking online to validate (or discredit) their decision to partner with you. Does your online presence help or hurt you? Whether you’ve been investing in successful marketing for years or have not given it much thought, it’s time to learn The Proven Process of Digital Marketing and how building your brand credibility, online visibility, and lead generation will help you come out of COVID stronger. This presentation will provide tangible takeaways you can implement (internally) within days, as well as a roadmap to implement marketing the right way to achieve results for years to come.


Kelli Schutrop


As Vice President of Sales, Kelli helps CEOs, owners, and visionaries transform their business goals into realities by building brands and driving qualified leads. She has managed marketing and communications for leading executive search and consulting firms, and has provided marketing consulting to more than 18 brands, including one of the country’s top advertising agencies (Olson) and one of the country’s top search and consulting firms (Versique).

Play To Win: Planning Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

About the Webinar

In this session, we discuss key elements for planning your 2021 Marketing Strategy, specifically related to achieving your business goals. We walk you through how to:

  • Define and speak to your core audience
  • Create an online presence that clearly defines your value proposition (using the StoryBrand Methodology)
  • Determine your most urgent needs and strategic proactive initiatives (read: create your marketing plan)
  • Confirm your delivery/accountability team to implement your strategy
  • Put your plan into motion…so it’s not just another good idea stuck in your notebook
  • Bonus: Create realistic expectations for measurement and ROI


Kelli Schutrop


As Vice President of Sales, Kelli helps CEOs, owners, and visionaries transform their business goals into realities by building brands and driving qualified leads. She has managed marketing and communications for leading executive search and consulting firms, and has provided marketing consulting to more than 18 brands, including one of the country’s top advertising agencies (Olson) and one of the country’s top search and consulting firms (Versique).

Going All In in 2021

For most of 2020, I really felt like I was in a game of high stakes poker….and now, I’m all in on 2021.

It seems like two or three years since I wrote my blog talking about “Why President’s Club Still Matters,” before we went to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate in March of 2020.  But before I could even unpack my suitcase when I returned home, everything had changed. More than eight months later, most of us would never have expected that we would still be dealing with the pandemic and all the fallout that accompanies it.

In business, it feels like I have been stuck in a never-ending game of high stakes Texas Hold’em ever since the pandemic started. 

Let me start by coming clean and saying that I am a horrible poker player, mainly because I have no patience and I think I can count cards but, in reality, I can’t.  In fact, I am such a notoriously bad player that, every year for the past 16 years, there has been side bets on whether or not I will go out first in our neighborhood tournament.

As this year began to wind down and I spent time reflecting on 2020, I started to see why it reminded me so strongly of a game of poker. 

You see, the really good players wait it out. They might play 1-2 hands an hour. They are protective of their chips, but, when the timing is right and they get their pocket aces, they push their chips in front of them, look at the other players and say, “I am all in.”  This is when the other players look at each other and know this player is serious and must have a hand; they’re  in it to win it!

For the most part, this is how I have felt this year in business. When the pandemic hit, we were hit with a decade’s worth of uncertainty, and there were few places to turn to for advice—no one had ever experienced anything quite like this before. 

I have always been an owner that was all about investing dollars on growth and pushing profits/chips and going all in on the future. This was different.  I had to learn patience (this is very hard for me, you can ask my wife!). I had to wait, I had to protect our company, my future.  

I couldn’t be reckless and go all in with all of the uncertainty surrounding us.  We had to wait and wait and wait to make sure we would survive but, more importantly, we had to make sure we were set to THRIVE coming out of this in 2021.  

We just had an all company Versique/Parqa meeting earlier this week.  Just like in poker, we were patient. We learned from other recessions, we waited for that right time and then, when the time was right, we said to our team, “It’s time to have some fun.”

During these meetings over the past several months, I’ve shared with them and tried to communicate clearly how we have been doing every month.  

This month was different—we finally got our pocket aces.  

I ended the meeting telling the team my patience has run out.  We are all in for 2021! 

Wishing everyone an awesome 2021! 

And thank you Versique/Parqa team for being patient with us.  Let’s have some fun in 2021.  

Who’s in?

Parqa Marketing Solutions for Staffing & Recruiting

Ready to connect with more clients and improve your bottom line with the staffing and recruiting industry’s favorite digital marketing agency? Contact Parqa Marketing today to get started! Whether you need help driving more traffic to your website, help building a stronger brand, or want to dive into new marketing technologies, we’d love to be your guide. 

Prefer the DIY method of marketing? No problem, be sure to check out our free handy Marketing Strategy Guide for some pro tips, industry secrets, and more! 

5 Eye-Opening Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing

5 Eye-Opening Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing to an Agency (Staffing & Recruiting Edition)

With around 20,000 staffing and recruiting firms in the country, how does the lone agency stand out in today’s competitive market?

Hint: The secret isn’t much of a mystery; it’s just having outstanding marketing.

If done right, marketing genuinely has the power to help your business connect with more clients, candidates, and partners over time. 

The challenge is often that staffing, recruiting, and search firms aren’t doing enough marketing or run into barriers when they do it all in-house. 

Listed below are five eye-opening examples of how outsourcing your marketing to an agency can improve your bottom line, supplement your existing marketing team, and drive more traffic to your business. 

It’s Cost-Effective

Marketing agencies frequently get a bad rep for being exorbitantly expensive. With how tight budgets are right now, outsourcing to an agency may appear not to be the most financially-sane option.

However, outsourcing marketing to an agency is surprisingly more cost-effective than you would think, especially when compared to marketing in-house. 


Let’s say you’re considering hiring an internal marketer with a starting salary of 70K, with another 30K in costs with benefits. You’re looking at around 100K each year for their full-time help.

Now, consider the cost of an agency. With an average rate of $150 an hour, let’s say you purchase a monthly retainer of 40 hours. After a year of outsourcing your marketing, you’ve only spent 72K. The difference? The outsourced agency offers a team of marketing specialists at your disposal vs. a lone marketer. 

Complements Your Existing Marketing Team

Even if you have an excellent full-time marketing team that’s effective, it rarely hurts to bring extra help for special projects or offload tasks on an as-needed basis. Many staffing and recruiting firms rely on marketing agencies to supplement or even enhance their existing marketing team when projects pile up. 


You might have a phenomenal digital marketing manager, but they don’t have any video marketing experience. The digital marketing manager comes up with a delightful idea to turn a salary guide into a video series, but since they don’t have any first-hand experience with video or have the necessary equipment, they look for outside help with a local marketing firm. The firm steps in and gets the project done, while the digital marketing manager can focus on other marketing initiatives. Additionally, the marketing agency remains on stand-by if the company decides to make more videos.

Access to Emerging Technology

Typically, experimenting with new digital marketing technology in-house comes with a bit of risk, especially when you factor in ramp-up time to learn the technology and trial-and-error from using it. Marketing agencies have a clear advantage because they often have experience working with emerging digital marketing technology and knowing what works and what doesn’t. It would be like trying to learn how to use a seismograph on your own even though there’s a seismologist down the street who would be willing to teach you how to use it for only a few bucks.  


Say you want to implement a recruiting chatbot on your website. It sounds simple in theory, but after doing some research, it requires a bit more work than you thought. As a business owner, you’ve got many more important things to worry about, so you call your friendly neighborhood marketing agency to help get it setup. Not only do they get it all installed and ready, but they also show you how to run it so that you can continue to prosper from this technology.


At the end of the day, results matter. Are you getting the number of new clients you wanted through ads? Is your firm ranking first on Google? Marketing agencies are extremely metrics focused. Within an agreed-upon timeframe, you can easily tell if your marketing efforts are paying off or falling flat. Any noteworthy marketing firm will be able to literally show you that the work they are doing is paying off in four, five, or even six-figure outcomes. 


Let’s say you work with a marketing agency to develop an in-depth eBook that’s meant to drive new business. After promoting the eBook for a month on LinkedIn, the marketing agency tells you that the eBook created 50 leads, 10 of which turned into sales that generated over 100K in revenue. 

Outsourced CMO

With an average salary of $174,234, Chief Marketing Officers are a significant investment for any business. Not only do they oversee lead generation and brand credibility, but they also provide a strategy for maximum online visibility. With a high-performing marketing agency, the strategy, planning, and decision-making that comes with a CMO is baked into the hourly agency rate. 


For that mere $150 an hour, 40 hours a month rate we discussed earlier, you’re getting an entire team of marketers, including the CMO all for 72K a year! 

At the end of the day, outsourcing your marketing to an agency has a relatively low risk, especially when you factor in its high potential to offer a return on investment.

Parqa Marketing Solutions for Staffing & Recruiting

Ready to connect with more clients and improve your bottom line with the staffing and recruiting industry’s favorite digital marketing agency? Contact Parqa Marketing today to get started! Whether you need help driving more traffic to your website, help building a stronger brand, or want to dive into new marketing technologies, we’d love to be your guide. 

Prefer the DIY method of marketing? No problem, be sure to check out our free handy Marketing Strategy Guide for some pro tips, industry secrets, and more!

Parqa 3 Components of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

3 Components of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Content is still king.

It’s what fuels nearly every digital marketing initiative and genuinely has the power to transform opinions, convey targeted messages, and even make someone fall in love with your recruiting style.

While there’s no exact recipe for content marketing success, there are a few core components of content that every staffing and recruiting business should do to help fuel their marketing strategy.

Listed below is some handy information on each of the core content elements and how they specifically help power your marketing initiatives.

Component 1: Blog Content

Back in the early 2000s, blogging was insanely popular. And guess what? It still is. In fact, two million blog posts are published every year worldwide. 

To stay relevant in your industry, blogging needs to happen. And not just blogging for the sake of blogging – but having a proper blog strategy. Every blog you publish should address the pain points of your buyer persona(s) (client, candidate, etc.) and then write keyword-based blogs around these pain points.

How it Helps
Drives more traffic to your website, positions your business as a thought-leader, and establishes trust within your network.

How Often You Should Do it
Realistically, a blog a week is a fantastic goal to shoot for. 

Pro Tip
Make sure every blog has a call-to-action of some kind. Whether it’s encouraging your visitors to sign up for your newsletter, directing them to your job board, or reading another blog post every blog should have a next step. 

Component 2: Website Content

Website content is what organically brings traffic to your website, compels visitors to trust you, and brings in business.

Today’s buyer conducts a lot of research before they deem a vendor worthy of their engagement. That means that they’ll be hopping all-around your website to see if your firm is credible enough to solve their business challenges. Is the content on your site going to demonstrate your firm’s reputation accurately? Or will your content fall flat and send them seeking out another firm?

The content on your website must convince visitors that your firm not only understands their unique pain points but has the ability to solve them. 

How it Helps
Attracts job seekers and clients to your website while convincing them that your firm is the best one out there. 

How Often You Should Do it
Think of your web content as a houseplant that needs watering occasionally. You should spend a significant amount of time getting your content nearly perfected for your audience, SEO optimized, and converting with the slight tweak here and there for improvement. 

Pro Tip
When it comes to website content, think outside the box by incorporating other content like videos, chatbots, and testimonials to help craft your message. 

Component 3: Long-Form Content

Long-form content is just a fancy way of saying content that’s large in word count, value, and impact. This can take the form of a whitepaper, salary guide, infographic, case study, and so much more!

Long-form content is a fabulous tool to get a visitor to take action on your website (other than filling out a contact form). While contact forms are amazing, many early visitors are not ready to engage with your brand that way until they build more trust, and they build more trust by reading up on you via the long-form examples above. 

How it Helps
Educates your audience while positioning your firm as the expert on whatever material you’re covering. 

How Often You Should Do it:
Realistically, once a quarter is a wonderful goal to aim for. 

Pro Tip:
Pick a quarterly theme like “Job Hunting” and then create a long-form piece of content that supports the theme. For example, “The Comprehensive Guide to Job Hunting in 2020.” After the guide is done, you should be able to pull content you’ve already completed from the guide to use for blog and social posts. It’s like getting a BOGO for your content strategy. At Parqa Marketing, we exclusively serve the staffing and recruiting industry and we exist to help you grow your brand, get noticed, and get more leads. By working with our team to share your story, you’ll gain an expert digital marketing partner who has a deep understanding of your industry. 

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our approach to digital marketing.

It’s No Longer Good Enough to “Do” Digital Marketing

As a member of several leadership best practice groups, it has been overwhelmingly apparent over the last couple of years that business leaders are trying to understand and prepare for “digital transformation.” It’s a buzz word, yes, but if it didn’t pique your interest in 2019, with COVID-19 and the resulting systemic change in how we do business in 2020, you will be left behind if you don’t get on board.

If you aren’t marketing digitally, good luck. If you dabble in it, it won’t be enough. The “one-off” approach is dead; sophistication is here to stay. To succeed in the staffing and recruiting industry into the future, you need a holistic digital strategy, and here is why.

1. Strategy

Everything is getting more competitive online. 5 years ago, the percentage of people doing paid advertising and the percentage of people leveraging LinkedIn was a fraction of what it is today. With the increase in competition, how are you going to stand out? How is your brand unique? How are you going to leverage the data you capture? How are you going to refine your campaigns to maximize ad spend? How are you going to automate processes? All of these individually will provide minimal results but together, working in harmony, it is rocket fuel. Rather than using random tools in parallel, create an omni-channel strategy where resources are supported, designed and orchestrated together to achieve results.

2. Branding

Our CEO, Tony Sorensen, has always said, “Your website should be your best salesperson.” I am going to one-up him and say that today, “Your digital presence should be your best salesperson.” A standalone website can’t do the job of telling your story anymore. You have to nail your messaging and then you have to promote it consistently everywhere—your website, your social media channels, your email marketing, and on down to every blog you write. If the message is fragmented, stale or inconsistent, buyers will recognize it and your credibility will take a hit. You would never go to a client meeting in sweatpants, would you? The same principle applies to your digital marketing efforts. Anytime someone schedules a time to talk to me, the first thing I do is evaluate their digital brand across every platform I can think of, from website to social to blogs and videos to individual employees’ pages within the company. Create a brand of value that solves your clients’ pain points and meets them where they are.

3. Technology

This topic is my personal favorite. Marketing is no longer a billboard or a magazine ad. Marketing is highly sophisticated and weaves throughout your entire organization. There are so many tools out there today that make your processes more efficient, more consistent, more dynamic, more scalable, and provide a much better user experience. Things like chatbots, automation, AI, mobile apps and BI all play a part in marketing better, but most companies do not use the tools they have at a fraction of their capacity and usually don’t set them up in a way that they are working together in unison to drive true business growth. Companies big and small, simple and complex need to understand their tech stack and how to leverage it to grow their business. Now is a great time to be considering all of those things.

4. Sales Enablement

There is literally zero segmentation between sales and marketing anymore. The days of old where the marketing team gets an inbound lead and passes it over to sales to close simply doesn’t exist anymore. My friend texted me the other day and said, ‘Always Be Closing’ is dead; the next 5 years is going to be, ‘Always Be Connecting.’ The last few years have seen the rise of the Chief Revenue Officer because sales and marketing have the same objective – to drive revenue. A buyer’s journey never ends. Companies of the future are using technology to systematically market and sell, from before you know a potential client exists, to adding value to a trusted partner, to making sure you get the next job order. How are you working with your sales teams to market past the traditional “marketing qualified lead”? If you have question about your digital marketing efforts, our team is here to help. I would personally love to talk strategy with you (I thrive off of it!) and help you determine how to successfully grow and fuel the future of your business. Contact me here.

4 benefits of outsourcing - Parqa Marketing

4 Real Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

We’ve seen it a hundred times. Organizations make intentional efforts to drive successful marketing efforts on their own, only to be quickly overwhelmed and impeded by the ever-increasing amount of technology, strategies, and data involved. Discouraged, they abandon their efforts, question the process, and regret the investment.

When they think of outsourcing their efforts to a specialized marketing agency, they fear the same results await.

We’re here to clear the air to demystify this misconception. Yes, marketing is tricky, and, yes, bad marketing isn’t worth your time or investment. But outsourcing to an experienced, skilled team of marketing whizzes solves these issues.

Here are four of the real benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing to a dedicated digital marketing agency:

1. Your marketing stays constant even if your internal staff doesn’t

We’re starting with one of the benefits most people overlook far too often.

One of the staples of all good marketing initiatives is consistency. Unfortunately, one of the staples of running a business, at times, is inconsistent marketing. There is a long list of circumstances that can arise which can throw your internal marketing momentum off its tracks.

Whether it’s unexpected turnover, organizational restructuring, a PTO-heavy month, a huge internal event—as you know, the list goes on and on—many organizations repeatedly find their marketing efforts floundering.

Opting to enlist an agency eliminates this issue entirely. The (good) agencies stick to a constant cadence so you never have lapses in delivery regardless of whatever internal disruptions you’re dealing with.

2. A shortcut to expertise

Marketing requires a variety of experienced professionals working in concert with one another to produce a symphony of beneficial results (sorry, we’ll tone down the musical metaphors now).

But, depending on your organizational structure and history, you may not yet have the roster of experienced marketers available to get the most out of your marketing investments.

When you partner with a dedicated marketing agency, you take a shortcut through a path that may take you years to properly build and gain instant access to a fully staffed team of experienced marketers.

3. Reduced overhead expenses

Paying the salary of the aforementioned team of marketing wizards gets very expensive, very quickly. For many organizations, it just doesn’t make good business sense to maintain those skillsets in-house year-round, so they don’t. But this means they aren’t taking advantage of the full power of marketing and their efforts fall by the wayside. And that doesn’t make good business sense, either.

But there is a marketing option they can afford and actually achieve. Outsourcing gives you the full range of marketing skills and services without breaking the bank or dedicating the time to build and train the team yourself.

4. Gain access to the marketing channels you need

Even if you have some marketing talent on your staff already, odds are there some channels you’re not currently taking full advantage of. Whether it’s paid search advertising, social media, SEO, or content marketing, the number of marketing channels seems to be always evolving and expanding.

Partnering with an agency can help you expand your marketing presence in ways you’re currently unable to do on your own, and ultimately increase your chances of effectively reaching your desired audiences.

Parqa Marketing Solutions for Staffing & Recruiting

If you’ve been struggling to get the results you’ve always wanted out of your marketing efforts, you’re not alone. 

At Parqa Marketing, we exclusively serve the staffing and recruiting industry and we exist to help you grow your brand, get noticed, and get more leads. By working with our team to share your story, you’ll gain an expert digital marketing partner who has a deep understanding of your industry. 

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our approach to digital marketing.

10 Brand Questions Every Staffing and Recruiting Firm Should Be Asking Now

10 Brand Questions Every Staffing and Recruiting Firm Should Be Asking Now

About the Webinar

With the fluid nature of the market today, many Staffing and Recruiting Firms are looking for ways they can weather current market uncertainty and come out on the other side stronger than they were entering 2020. One of the most effective and often overlooked ways you can minimize dips in your business while coming out in a position of strength is by investing time and resources towards brand awareness and visibility on LinkedIn.

During “10 Brand Questions Every Staffing and Recruiting Firm Should be Asking Now” we’re going to sit down with Chanel Schmidt, Director of Creative Services at Parqa Digital Marketing to discuss how staffing and recruiting firms can start focusing on building brand awareness and when they should start considering a paid strategy to increase their reach. Chanel has gained unique insights through working with staffing and recruiting firms of all shapes and sizes to build effective brand strategies.

First Five: How do I get started building my brand today?

• Why does having a great brand presence on LinkedIn matter?
• What are the most essential factors of building and maintaining a brand on LinkedIn?
• What types of content should I post to build a great brand as staffing/recruiting company?
• How often should you post organically? Why is it important to post regularly?
• Paid LinkedIn – if I have my organic presence at all-star level, where do I start with paid LinkedIn campaigns?

Last Five: What can I expect from investing in a paid branding and lead generation strategy?

• How does LinkedIn’s brand awareness/lead gen service work?
• What sort of impact can I expect it to have on business?
• How do I quantify the results? How can I connect this to requisitions or revenue?
• How much time does it take to execute a paid strategy on a daily/weekly basis?
• What sort of positive or negative feedback do you hear consistently?


Chanel Schmidt


Chanel Schmidt is a driven and creative social media marketer with a proven track record of building marketing strategies and leveraging relationships to deliver results. As the Director of Creative Services at Parqa, Chanel leads all brand and client campaigns across the social media landscape from strategy to execution. Motivated by positivity, creativity and helping others, Chanel is passionate about strategic campaign planning, problem-solving and team building. What makes her tick? Understanding how social cohesively integrates within the broader media universe to deliver against business objectives. In her previous role, Chanel helped transform social media into the highest ROI-driving media channel in the organization, while growing the company’s influencer marketing program by more than 20x.

How Digital Marketing is Changing the Staffing and Recruiting Landscape

Digital tools in any industry aren’t necessarily a new thing. In staffing and recruiting, you’ve already taken advantage of many tools like CRM and ATS to simplify your life. Digital marketing is an area where many firms aren’t sure how to start. 

Even firms with experience in digital marketing may not realize its full potential and how it is changing the landscape in our industry. Recently, Parqa published an eBook about how you can use digital marketing to get more candidates and clients, but here are a few reasons why it’s essential that you adopt the latest tactics in digital marketing:

Clients and Candidates are Doing More Research

When I started Versique, not many recruiting firms had embraced digital marketing. I began investing in SEO and making sure we were easily found on Google. When we got to the top of the search engine results, we had clients calling in simply because we were the first option. As time went on, and more firms got into digital marketing, our tactics had to change. While I don’t sit up at night obsessing over search rankings anymore, they are still relevant. What’s more important now is convincing leads why you are the best firm for them.

Ranking high in search engine results isn’t enough anymore. Buyers are more informed than ever before, and staffing and recruiting firms need to follow suit and provide the info buyers are searching for. Your website and your social media profiles need to contain educational content that provides value to visitors, whether they are working with you or not. Positioning yourself as a helpful resource is the first step to getting a call-in from a potential client. If you can address their challenges with the content you produce, they will be more likely to trust you with their budget for their next talent search.

Reaching Multiple Generations

In terms of age, today’s workforce is more diverse than ever. That can present many challenges to hiring managers and search professionals, but digital marketing enables us incredible accuracy when reaching different audiences. Whether you’re trying to reach potential clients or candidates, you need to have an ideal buyer in mind for your marketing programs. The location, messaging, and frequency all change for different people, so knowing your ideal audience’s goals and motivations goes a long way in digital marketing.

Marketing needs to appeal to the multiple generations that make up the workforce currently. Each of them spends their time in different places online, is interested in different things about positions, and also responds to different messaging. For instance, the newest addition to the workforce, Generation Z, has many different habits than Baby Boomers or even Millennials. They spend less time on places like Facebook and LinkedIn, and are searching for different things in a career. While Millennials may be interested in flexible work and perks, Gen Z is searching for more meaning in their work. All of these things should factor into your marketing to ensure your budget is being used effectively to reach the right audience.

Saving Time with Automation

In a world full of jam-packed calendars and multi-tasking, saving time is paramount. For staffing and recruiting firms, digital marketing automation aims to take time-consuming processes like nurturing out of the hands of recruiters, freeing up time to focus on making placements, and business development. In addition to saving time, automation is allowing staffing and recruiting firms to capture more candidate and client leads as well as identify past contacts that you could re-engage for future searches.

Related eBook: Get More Clients & Candidates Through Effective Digital Marketing ➢

At its core, marketing automation may seem very straightforward. If done well, it becomes more than just automated emails to people who submit their information. Based on information your site visitors provide, a well-built automation program can serve them with resources and information that is relevant to their current situation to nurture them toward the decision-making phase. As these qualified leads move through a program, a mixture of calls from your team and automated contact keep them engaged and actively involved in your sales process. 

The tools for successful marketing automation are becoming more robust and readily available every day, giving even small teams the ability to automate menial tasks and give them more time to engage with clients and candidates in a more personal way. Tools like Herefish, who was recently acquired by Bullhorn, integrate with the tools you’re already using, streamlining your processes and increasing efficiency. 

Staying on Top of the Trends

Tools for digital marketing and digital recruiting are more available than ever. With these tools, hiring managers can better promote their postings before they ever engage a recruiter. Does this mean they won’t require a recruiting or staffing partner? Not necessarily, especially if they don’t have the time to integrate cutting-edge tools. Your firm can be an expert who is ready to help them use the tools they have to the best of their ability. By being well-versed in the latest digital tools, your team is positioned to act as a resource and expert to help hiring managers to fill positions with the right hires the first time.

If you’re looking for an expert partner to help build your digital marketing, you’re in the right place. Parqa specializes in building and implementing digital marketing strategies to get staffing and recruiting firms more clients and more candidates. Contact us today to learn how we can help your firm.

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