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Brand Credibility Part 3 of 6: Brand Your Way Out of the Summer Slowdown

Branding – it’s largely about staying top-of-mind with your audience. Even though hiring has been roaring back from COVID shutdown levels, we’ll soon be heading into summer: the season most staffing and recruiting agencies back off their advertising campaigns.

But keeping your brand top-of-mind means staying current with broadcasting your brand consistently, even during the downtime – especially during the downtime.

Part 3 of our 6-part series on branding is all about staying top-of-mind. Since summer is nearly upon us, and many of your competitors are checking out for the next 2-3 months as the staffing and recruiting industry typically sees a downtick in activity, this could be your chance to make an essential investment in your brand that will pay off throughout the rest of the year.

Should Staffing and Recruiting Firms Double Down on Branding During the “Off-Season”?

There are many reasons to keep up with your company messaging through the summer. However, two reasons stand above the rest:

  1. Think of staffing and recruiting agencies like track and field athletes. Long-distance runners are made during the off-season. They’re not training for the marathon on the day of the marathon. For this same reason, many companies who spend the off-season laying the groundwork for their brand, and investing in its message, won’t have to spend the rest of the year building the brand. If you invested in your brand during the summer, you could spend the rest of the year running great campaigns that support your brand strategy.
  2. Summer is the season that everyone, especially your competitors, is most likely to take a break. The traffic for messaging, especially for staffing and recruiting agencies, gets quieter. Taking advantage of this downtime could be a critical step in coming out ahead of the game. Those businesses and job seekers who’ve become more familiar with your brand and its message are more likely to partner with your recruiting firm later.

This can be especially advantageous for Q3 when many businesses begin to “panic hire” in preparation for the holiday rush of Q4. When they need to hire talent, they’ll know your name.

Choosing the Correct Brand Strategy for Your Staffing or Recruiting Firm

How much is enough? Should your firm ramp up your content cadence? Or should you maintain your current pace? 

Every staffing and recruiting firm is different and has different goals as a result. Many are trying to focus on keeping current with a very specific target market, while other firms want to broadcast their message to a much larger audience

A good rule of thumb is: the more you invest in your brand now, the more strength it will have later. And this is especially true if that investment is made when there’s less competition.

When considering your marketing budget for Q2/Q3, keep in mind the potential for increased market access. Even a campaign that reaches two or three extra businesses could be just the push a business needs to tip them into establishing a long-term, mutually beneficial employment partnership.

Building Trust: Projecting Reliability When Nobody Else Is

The very best staffing and recruiting firms know how they are not in the business of just filling jobs. They’re in the business of building relationships.

Businesses who take the summer off may not be saying anything explicitly wrong, but their message is clear: “We’re only here for you when it’s convenient for us.” In the world of staffing and recruiting, this can be especially harmful to a brand.

Recruiting firms work so hard to convey reliability and trust, and rightly so. Above all, they want to assure their clients, candidates and stakeholders they can be depended on to solve complex staffing problems and provide custom solutions at a moment’s notice. It’d be a shame to undo all that hard work with a message that is at odds with successful and dependable recruitment.

The Actual Cost of Building a Strong Brand?

We get it. Many staffing and recruiting firms believe building a brand can be expensive. They’re hesitant to spend the extra budget to increase their summertime advertising spend. But this rarely holds water when compared to several much more common business decisions that aren’t guaranteed to pay off. 

For example, why do businesses advertise on billboards? It might seem like an odd question. Billboards are so ubiquitous many businesses don’t actually stop to think about their usefulness. 

Why then would recruiting firms not allocate a similar budget on increasing their online presence? Especially when there are so many ways to measure the ROI of your digital spend. 

Still, many firms may believe they don’t have the budget to increase spending during the summer months. However, at the very least, staffing and recruiting firms should be working hard to maintain their current digital spending to support their values of dependability and reliability.

Brand Your Way Out of the Summer Slowdown

For more information on branding, check out our eBook on Brand strategy, and stay tuned to the next installments in our six-part series on branding. 

You can find the first two installments in brand strategy for staffing and recruiting firms here:

We can help! We believe in lifting up businesses by their brand. If you could use creative solutions to help you brand your way through the summer slowdown, contact Parqa today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your Brand Values: Authenticity

Nobody has all the answers. In fact, any company who says they’ve got it all figured out is, by their nature, suspect. So it’s not only okay to be open with your struggles; it’s beneficial. Being open about the obstacles your staffing agency faces is just one of the many ways to model the authenticity of your brand. 

Of course, it’s not all struggle that other businesses can identify with. Sharing company milestones, reflecting on interesting articles and industry news – there are so many ways to be genuine and offer a breath of fresh air in the highly commercialized marketplace of staffing and recruiting.

The Follow-Through Living Into Your Company Values

Brand Credibility Part 2 of 6: The Follow-Through: Living Into Your Company Values

In our first blog on brand strategy, we examined why investing in your brand is so critical to staffing and recruiting firms. In this blog, we hope to illustrate how to build credibility and support your brand promise by following through on your company values.

Building Credibility By Living Out Your Values

Imagine a business that needs to fill a position quickly. Out of the several agencies that put forward a candidate, your company’s values could be the main differentiator between you and the competition.

The specific qualities a business would be looking for may vary. But it’s safe to say that every business is looking to work with an agency that reflects the very same values they’re looking for in their employees.

Your Brand Values: Professionalism

Just as businesses are looking for employees who act professionally, they would expect the same from their staffing/recruiting agencies. But that does not mean your agency has to be boring or that you should sterilize your marketing content.

On the contrary – people love a company whose content has a rich voice and personality. Rather, keep a keen eye on how your business is interacting with people on social media.

Some key identifiers for brands that demonstrate professionalism could include following up with questions from job seekers and Glassdoor reviews. Even responding to unfavorable reviews can have an incredibly positive impact on your brand, especially when you’re taking reviews seriously and demonstrating commitment to resolving issues.

Your Brand Values: Honesty

The high level of trust and the importance of lasting, deep relationships in staffing and recruiting illustrates how, for agencies and their talent, honesty is of the utmost importance.

Businesses are counting on you to help them find the perfect candidates. They’re relying on you to be honest about what is best for their company – that should not be taken lightly. Sometimes candidates can exaggerate their skills and experiences. It is up to recruitment consultants to catch those inconsistencies to ensure your candidates aren’t embellishing on their skills or experience. 

Your Brand Values: Adaptability

As staffers and recruiters, you know the unpredictable employment challenges your partners are dealing with. Often their needs for talent can come at a moment’s notice. They need fast, dynamic solutions. If your agency isn’t up to date on the latest technologies or has a rigid way of doing things, what does that say about your ability to quickly provide solutions for an unpredictable and rapidly changing workforce?

The importance of quick communication, fast solutions, high-touch service cannot be overstated. When your agency models adaptability and proficiency with overcoming new challenges, whether that’s in day-to-day communications or your social content, the same can be assumed for your staffing solutions.

Be open with how your company understands and is working with new developments in your industry. It’s even okay to be open about the learning curve for new technologies. It’s the agency that is not only willing but eager to discover new ways of working and providing solutions that are best prepared to offer the same adaptability to their business partners.

Your Brand Values: Reliability

On a macro level, your agency provides employment solutions. But in the larger picture, your agency provides peace of mind. Where once was uncertainty, your service provides order and predictability.

Every staffing and recruiting agency works in different ways and serves different industries. How are you demonstrating reliability? How is your agency demonstrating that you can resolve short-term needs for a long-term partnership?

Again, content is crucial in demonstrating reliability. Regularly publishing content that goes deep to unravel the persistent challenges your clients face is the most effective way to model reliability – coming full circle to reinforcing your brand credibility.

Your Brand Values: Authenticity

Nobody has all the answers. In fact, any company who says they’ve got it all figured out is, by their nature, suspect. So it’s not only okay to be open with your struggles; it’s beneficial. Being open about the obstacles your staffing agency faces is just one of the many ways to model the authenticity of your brand. 

Of course, it’s not all struggle that other businesses can identify with. Sharing company milestones, reflecting on interesting articles and industry news – there are so many ways to be genuine and offer a breath of fresh air in the highly commercialized marketplace of staffing and recruiting.

How Can We Help?

At Parqa, we are big believers in the power of branding. Because we were born in staffing and recruiting, we’ve seen firsthand how a solid investment in branding can have compounding effects that last.

Establishing your brand and building credibility by broadcasting how you’re living into your brand values is a lot of work. We can help! If you’d like to learn more about why we’re so fond of branding and its many benefits for staffing and recruiting firms, contact Parqa today.

Discover the world of branding for staffing and recruiting agencies. Download Parqa’s eBook on brand strategy to learn more.

The Crucial Combination_Brand + Strategy Cover

Brand Messaging

Brand Credibility Part 1 of 6: The Set-Up – Brand Messaging for Staffing and Recruiting Agencies

Want to know the fastest, most sure-fire way to build brand credibility for your staffing/recruiting firm? The formula is simple: 

  1. Invest in your brand identity
  2. Create credibility with follow-through

In this blog, we’ll discuss why building your brand should be seen as an investment. In the next installation in our series, we examine how to create brand credibility by living out the same values your business partners are looking for in their job-seekers and recruits:

  • Professionalism
  • Authenticity
  • Honesty
  • Adaptability
  • Expertise
  • Reliability

By following through on your company values you will then be able to reap the many benefits of solid brand credibility. 

Why Brand Credibility for Staffing and Recruiting is so Important

If your staffing or recruiting agency isn’t building brand credibility that projects the same qualities you’re committed to nurturing in your clients and in your talent, you are missing out.

Brand credibility – especially for staffing and recruiting agencies – is the best way to turn potential clients into actual clients. What’s even better, companies that go all-in on their brand strategy are best positioned to realize the rewards of a fully credible brand for the long term.

Broken brand credibility for a company could be ruinous. At Parqa, we like to compare it to attending a client meeting in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Not only can bad branding repel valuable leads, but in the highly competitive market of staffing and recruiting, where so many other agencies are constantly jostling for a leg-up, an inconsistent brand could relegate your business to obscurity in short order.

Not to mention, the damage caused by an inconsistent brand message can have lasting effects that are very difficult to overcome.

How Inconsistent Branding Can Compromise Credibility

Inconsistent branding might not be something that is clear right away – but sometimes, it’s plain and simple. Here are a few ways you can diagnose whether your staffing or recruiting firm is suffering from an inconsistent brand.

The obvious indicators are things like:

  • Misuse of your company logo
  • Inconsistent color schemes or font hierarchy
  • Different taglines used on your website than in social media content
  • Discrepancies in the tone, voice and personality of your content marketing efforts
  • Inconsistency in the language each of your internal teams uses when talking to clients and candidates

However, in many cases, it’s more a gut feeling or a broken experience. That’s the feeling or question that arises when, for example, a marketing agency that specializes in social media management has no social media presence for itself. Or a search company that focuses in recruiting technology leadership roles, but has a clunky, outdated website.

It might seem like a small thing, but a broken brand experience can carry enough weight to completely dismantle the brand’s credibility. If the agency’s messaging is inconsistent, it would be reasonable to assume that the quality of the agency’s talent would also be lacking.

Do The Work and Brand Credibility Will Follow

Think of building your brand as an investment. Credibility is the payoff.

This is modeled every day in staffing and recruiting. With every job placement, there is a period of investing time and resources to train a new hire and get them up to speed. The idea being, eventually the new hire will catch on and get to work and accomplish great things. The same goes for your brand.

When you put the time and effort into building your brand – intentionally and strategically – eventually your brand will build and retain credibility. It will take a lot less effort to maintain solid brand credibility than to repair the damage caused by a broken brand promise.

The Connection Between Your Brand Promise and Company Values

It’s important to differentiate your brand promise from your company values. A brand promise is more of a statement of who you are, and the services or product you offer. Some good examples of well-known brand promises: 

  • Mcdonald’s: “To provide simple easy enjoyment to every customer visit.”
  • Nike: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”
  • Starbucks: “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

Your company values, on the other hand, are critical to your brand credibility. Your values and the length to which you follow through on those values can either give your brand legs or undercut its credibility. 

Following Through on Your Company Values

If branding is all about telling the world who you are and what you stand for, then following through on your company values completes the message and builds credibility. We believe this is the most effective way to create buy-in among your potential clients, stakeholders and job seekers.

Stay tuned for part two of our series, where we go more in-depth on how to build credibility by investing in your brand and doing the work so that later, your business can enjoy the benefits (and all the leads) of a unique and outstanding brand. 

Discover the world of branding for staffing and recruiting agencies. Download Parqa’s eBook on brand strategy to learn more.

The Crucial Combination_Brand + Strategy Cover

Built for the Future: Leveraging Technology and Automation for Growth

About the Digital Marketing Webinar

Marketing Technology is rapidly changing the landscape of staffing and recruiting. Five years ago, if you had an updated website, you were ahead of the game. Today, it is expected that your website is an extension of your sales team. Early adaptors to marketing automation are already on their way to positioning themselves ahead of the pack.

New advances are changing the way staffing and recruiting teams connect with potential clients and candidates as well as a host of new tools to run your digital marketing strategy. Are you reaching clients where they spend their time online? Can they find you when they need a position filled? Do automated emails send out to your newly active candidates? 

The team at Parqa are experts in building and maintaining comprehensive digital marketing programs and automation designed specifically for your niche and your firm’s unique needs.


Jared Hummel


Jared Hummel is an experienced business leader with a history of building start-up organizations into streamlined, revenue-generating companies. As the President of Parqa, he leads with a strong financial background and is motivated by enhancing growth and finding solutions to complex operating and execution-based challenges. He enjoys working with company leaders to integrate digital strategies into overall business decisions – with an emphasis on nurturing clients and candidates through automation – to drive revenue. At Parqa, he combines his finance, operations, and marketing background to help fuel growth for the company as well as its partners across the country.

The Importance of Content in Your Staffing Firm’s Marketing Automation Programs

The Importance of Content in Your Staffing Firm’s Marketing Automation Programs

Content is oxygen. Content is the force that breathes life and authenticity into a staffing firm’s marketing strategy. But like any business, streamlining our marketing drumbeat with automated programs can lead to a dependency on a call-to-action. It can be easy to overlook our most powerful tool – content.

We Help Staffing Firms Develop Genuine Content. What’s Yours?

It all begins with content. Come to think of it, it ends with content as well. Here at Parqa, our team of demand-generating experts focus on four rules of developing authentic content:

  1. Avoid being overly promotional
  2. Get vulnerable
  3. Remember your audience
  4. Don’t be afraid to be a maverick

Keeping these four simple steps in mind we focus on developing stories from our industry, and of our candidates that are compelling. We’ve discovered what makes us passionate about our work, whether it’s the people we serve, how our partnerships can empower other staffing firms to achieve great things. This is what motivates us.

We’re not alone. Many staffing firms are also seeing the value in maximizing storytelling to gain leads. But content alone, isn’t going to move the needle. That is why we believe to make content truly effective it should be paired with a savvy automation strategy.

An Effective Equation: Content + Marketing Automation = Deals

Marketing automation is an extremely effective way for staffing firms to show up regularly for their potential audience. Automation can be a great way to plan, build, and maintain vital campaigns. It can reduce unnecessary time wasted on busywork, and maximize the time a sales team could otherwise spend winning clients and closing deals.

The basics of marketing automation can be simplified to 5 quick steps:

  1. Creating great content (see above).
  2. Build your marketing funnel.
  3. Create a clear call-to-action (preferably one that helps your prospects to solve a problem).
  4. Broadcast relevant messages on a timely schedule targeted to your prospects at their various stages of the sales funnel.
  5. Empower your sales team to create a delightful sales experience for your prospects and customers and help them every step of the way.

Once your firm has settled on a content strategy and automation, check your work. Is it working? Are the leads coming in? Just like making pancakes, the first efforts may be a flop. You may need to tweak your technique. (It helps to think of automation as an ongoing, constantly evolving process.)

How Can Parqa Help Your Staffing Firm Build an Effective Content + Automation Program?

At Parqa, we were born in staffing and recruiting, and we’re proud to give back to an industry that has given us so much. It is our goal to create the very best connections that last.

If you like what you hear, we’d love to tell you more. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you create an automated marketing program with heart.

Staffing & Recruiting Tech Stacks - Parqa Marketing

Common Marketing Tech Stacks in Staffing & Recruiting

After the fallout of 2020, it’s become abundantly clear for staffing and recruiting firms that it’s no longer good enough just to “do” digital marketing. Everything is getting more competitive online. From paid advertising to LinkedIn, the ante is being upped—daily. 

The firms that are committed to an informed, holistic marketing strategy separate themselves. Those that aren’t fall behind. 

As firms continue to build out their marketing initiatives in 2021, many may be overlooking the potential of one critical component: tech stacks. Leveraging marketing tech stacks is a fundamental pillar that supports and facilitates much of what you’re trying to accomplish. While a few, isolated technologies will make an impact, the real power comes when these technologies are grouped together, synergize with one another, and produce more value. 

For example, your CRM and ATS system delivers incredible value on its own. But integrating a tool capable of automating the communication throughout your entire recruiting cycle can eliminate the busywork immediately. Tools like Herefish by Bullhorn and Hubspot seamlessly connect with your ATS to get a deeper view of your candidates, contractors and clients and effectively makes it that much bigger of a tool for your team. Not to mention your recruiters will have more time to actually recruit. 

Let’s look at another ubiquitous component of the staffing and recruiting world: sourcing. The bread and butter of recruiting. 

While you may have honed your old fashioned sourcing skills over your many years of recruiting success, today, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Use your own human facilities, stack them on top of a few technologies, and you emerge as a much more efficient, capable sourcing machine. Here are a few options to consider:

  • CareerArc: helps you communicate your employer brand at scale through social media, enhancing who you reach and how effectively you reach them. 
  • VONQ: leverages data to help you identify the most opportune media channels to promote certain jobs
  • HiringSolved: automates some of the lower-level components of the sourcing process to find the most qualified candidates. 
  • RecruitmentEdge: a real-time, comprehensive candidate recruitment platform that allows you to search for candidates with specific skills

As the above list begins to showcase, one of the biggest obstacles, when agencies begin to build out their tech stacks, is the sheer amount of tools out there.

To make this a bit more manageable, we’ll go over a few of the most important marketing tech stacks in staffing and recruiting below. 

  • Email & Marketing Automation (Herefish by Bullhorn, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Zapier)
  • Digital Advertising (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising)
  • CRM/ATS (Bullhorn, PCRecruiter, Crelate)
  • Social Media Management (Hootsuite, LinkedIn/Facebook Ads)
  • Search Analytics (SEMRush, MOZ, Google Analytics)

The right tech stacks and products will be more or less suitable based on your agency’s size, focus, and composition. As with any business decision, take time to assess which tools would be most beneficial and conducive to your specific agency before you commit to implementing them. 

Committing yourself to understanding and leveraging these tech stacks can be incredibly valuable and save your recruiters time, resources, and many steps within the recruitment process. 

Marketing Automation 101: The Basics of Building a Marketing Machine (2021)

“The core problem we’re going to have going forward is that you have two forces [that will] govern much of what [happens] in the future. The first is globalization, which we’re not going to repeal, and the second one is automation, which we’re not going to repeal.” – Eric Schmidt, Former Executive Chairman of Google, Inc

With the marketing world moving steadily towards more automation, it’s natural to take a step back and wonder: what is automation? 

Automation has been around since the printing press, the loom, and even the wheel. Throughout history, humans have found ways to automate repetitive or laborious tasks to machines: why would we stop now? While automation can conjure up images of machines from the Matrix, it’s less dystopian and more beneficial than you might think.

Simply put, automation allows humans to do more with less. 

Think about it this way: where would the automobile industry be without the creation of the assembly line? Where would we be without the machine-based search algorithm that Google built? Automation is a part of your smartphone, your coffee maker, and countless details of your everyday life. 

Marketing automation can be thought of in the same way that every other form of automation can be: it allows you to do more with less. Think of marketing automation as a way to do the work of a large marketing department, but for the cost of a single marketer.

Marketing Automation Basics

With automation, you can scale your staffing & recruiting business without having to scale your marketing team. In today’s world, how valuable is that?

In essence, with the proper techniques, you can create a marketing machine.

Marketing automation consists of software and tools that allow you to efficiently market to your customers throughout the entirety of their buyer’s journey. You nurture prospects with engaging and relevant content and then, with a few loving prods and pats along the way, you turn those prospects into customers. It’s one of the reasons that Netflix is ranked one the most reputable companies on the planet: they don’t just sell to their customers, they provide value-added service to them at every stage of the funnel. They have built a marketing machine that removes the friction between the customer and the company.

Here’s how you can get started.

5 Steps to get started with marketing automation:

  1. Generate relevant leads by creating great content and driving traffic to your website. Focus on making your content informative, not promotional. By providing educational information, you help solve your prospect’s pain points which allows them to move smoothly through the rest of your funnel.
  2. Build your marketing funnel using landing pages, email marketing, and content that is valuable to your prospective buyers, whether that’s a blog, an ebook, a whitepaper, etc.
  3. Create content that includes calls-to-action with other relevant content that will help your prospects to solve their problems. If you’re discussing obstacles in the recruiting world in an article, you should link to another piece of content at the end that helps solve those obstacles or presents new ideas.
  4. Send out relevant and timely messages to your prospects at the various stages of the funnel. Your prospects are always on the move, their information and needs change everyday–it is your job as a marketer to figure out what information will help them progress along their journey. Sending the right information at the right time is critical to building trust with your customers, and solving their problems, even after they’ve become a customer, is how you build a reputation as enviable as Amazon’s.
  5. Work with your sales team to integrate your marketing and sales efforts, by creating a delightful sales experience for your prospects and customers, your sales team will begin to understand your customers from their perspective. Rather than interrupting your leads with irrelevant messages and cold calls, marketing automation allows your marketing and sales department to work in harmony to understand and help your customers every step of the way.

The key to successful marketing automation is remaining customer-centric. Much like Netflix’s mission of being the most customer-centric company on the planet, marketing automation is all about your customer, not you. 

Where we see many fall short with marketing automation is when they only focus on their existing mailing lists and ignore the rest of the 99% of the market out there. Marketing automation is not just emailing your leads to death; it’s a holistic approach to creating great marketing that is non-intrusive, relevant to prospects, and delights the customer at every stage of the funnel.

How Digital Marketing is Changing the Staffing and Recruiting Landscape

Digital tools in any industry aren’t necessarily a new thing. In staffing and recruiting, you’ve already taken advantage of many tools like CRM and ATS to simplify your life. Digital marketing is an area where many firms aren’t sure how to start. 

Even firms with experience in digital marketing may not realize its full potential and how it is changing the landscape in our industry. Recently, Parqa published an eBook about how you can use digital marketing to get more candidates and clients, but here are a few reasons why it’s essential that you adopt the latest tactics in digital marketing:

Clients and Candidates are Doing More Research

When I started Versique, not many recruiting firms had embraced digital marketing. I began investing in SEO and making sure we were easily found on Google. When we got to the top of the search engine results, we had clients calling in simply because we were the first option. As time went on, and more firms got into digital marketing, our tactics had to change. While I don’t sit up at night obsessing over search rankings anymore, they are still relevant. What’s more important now is convincing leads why you are the best firm for them.

Ranking high in search engine results isn’t enough anymore. Buyers are more informed than ever before, and staffing and recruiting firms need to follow suit and provide the info buyers are searching for. Your website and your social media profiles need to contain educational content that provides value to visitors, whether they are working with you or not. Positioning yourself as a helpful resource is the first step to getting a call-in from a potential client. If you can address their challenges with the content you produce, they will be more likely to trust you with their budget for their next talent search.

Reaching Multiple Generations

In terms of age, today’s workforce is more diverse than ever. That can present many challenges to hiring managers and search professionals, but digital marketing enables us incredible accuracy when reaching different audiences. Whether you’re trying to reach potential clients or candidates, you need to have an ideal buyer in mind for your marketing programs. The location, messaging, and frequency all change for different people, so knowing your ideal audience’s goals and motivations goes a long way in digital marketing.

Marketing needs to appeal to the multiple generations that make up the workforce currently. Each of them spends their time in different places online, is interested in different things about positions, and also responds to different messaging. For instance, the newest addition to the workforce, Generation Z, has many different habits than Baby Boomers or even Millennials. They spend less time on places like Facebook and LinkedIn, and are searching for different things in a career. While Millennials may be interested in flexible work and perks, Gen Z is searching for more meaning in their work. All of these things should factor into your marketing to ensure your budget is being used effectively to reach the right audience.

Saving Time with Automation

In a world full of jam-packed calendars and multi-tasking, saving time is paramount. For staffing and recruiting firms, digital marketing automation aims to take time-consuming processes like nurturing out of the hands of recruiters, freeing up time to focus on making placements, and business development. In addition to saving time, automation is allowing staffing and recruiting firms to capture more candidate and client leads as well as identify past contacts that you could re-engage for future searches.

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At its core, marketing automation may seem very straightforward. If done well, it becomes more than just automated emails to people who submit their information. Based on information your site visitors provide, a well-built automation program can serve them with resources and information that is relevant to their current situation to nurture them toward the decision-making phase. As these qualified leads move through a program, a mixture of calls from your team and automated contact keep them engaged and actively involved in your sales process. 

The tools for successful marketing automation are becoming more robust and readily available every day, giving even small teams the ability to automate menial tasks and give them more time to engage with clients and candidates in a more personal way. Tools like Herefish, who was recently acquired by Bullhorn, integrate with the tools you’re already using, streamlining your processes and increasing efficiency. 

Staying on Top of the Trends

Tools for digital marketing and digital recruiting are more available than ever. With these tools, hiring managers can better promote their postings before they ever engage a recruiter. Does this mean they won’t require a recruiting or staffing partner? Not necessarily, especially if they don’t have the time to integrate cutting-edge tools. Your firm can be an expert who is ready to help them use the tools they have to the best of their ability. By being well-versed in the latest digital tools, your team is positioned to act as a resource and expert to help hiring managers to fill positions with the right hires the first time.

If you’re looking for an expert partner to help build your digital marketing, you’re in the right place. Parqa specializes in building and implementing digital marketing strategies to get staffing and recruiting firms more clients and more candidates. Contact us today to learn how we can help your firm.

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3 Ways Marketing Automation Will Help Your Staffing Firm

Marketing is tough. It takes time, energy, and most of all, resources. With only 24 hours in a day, there’s only so much one can do within that time. It’s time to put technology to work and save time, reach new goals, and become more efficient at being in front of and top of mind for candidates and clients alike. 

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1. Recruiter Efficiency 

While recruiters are working day and night to find the right candidate, it’s extremely difficult to stay on top of and check-in with current consultants that are in the field.  

This leads to a catch 22 situation. 

The opportunity to redeploy these consultants becomes an issue if the recruiter doesn’t have consistent touch points with communication.  

Automation enables recruiters to set create an email campaign that runs on a preset schedule. While the recruiter doesn’t spend time executing the email communication, it allows consultants to have a touch-point. Any and all responses to the email campaign land right in the recruiter’s inbox.  

This automation enables recruiters to be more efficient and spend less time sending emails, increasing productivity and helping run a leaner, more profitable business. 

Within three months of implementing automation at Versique, two new candidates were deployed via a referral program that came to their attention via the email campaign. 

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2. Candidate Nurturing 

While candidates might be working for another firm, their contact info remains in your database. Creating an automated touch-point that takes no time or resources from your team but keeps your agency in front of them and top of mind, is key to nurturing the long-term relationship.  

When the time comes for that candidate to make a change, or the right position comes along, being top of mind and in front of that candidate is essential. Automation allows this to happen with little time commitment from recruiters. 

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3. Client Nurturing 

Like the weather, nurturing has seasons. If recruiters utilize automation and email campaign throughout the year, they’ll be top of mind when the busy time of year for your business comes around. 

Sometimes it can take up to two years to close a new client. As candidates make their way through the marketing funnel; awareness, consideration, and decision, it’s imperative to stay visible and in the hunt. Email marketing automation provides this ability with little to no impact on recruiter’s valuable time. 

In order to nurture clients and candidates, it’s also important to consistently create and push new content that is relevant, informative, and interesting. These can include but are not limited to white papers, blogs, case studies, and sell sheets. 

Marketing automation allows recruiters to save time, stay in front of and top of mind for candidates, all while keeping the iron in the fire and hot when the right time, and opportunity, comes along. Leverage your network and content with marketing automation to connect with passive and active candidates. 

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Why Recruiting Firms Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency that Specializes in the Recruiting Industry

If you had to decide between hiring a digital marketing agency that knows the recruiting industry, or a digital marketing agency that does not specialize but happens to be local, who would you choose?

Let me ask you this: does your recruiting firm specialize? By market? By niche? Probably. If you’ve led a recruiting firm for much time at all, you know that your chances for winning a search are much improved if you specialize in your client’s specific need. Why?

You know the types of candidates they need. Also, you know the trends in their market or industry niche. You are a thought leader in their space — an expert. You have more insight into what their company needs and can deliver better candidates than someone who is a generic recruiter (I’m betting).

I once had someone tell me years ago that “a recruiter is a recruiter is a recruiter” – implying that a recruiter who has developed a good skill set can recruit for any position. While this may be true technically, it’s not the most important consideration when it comes to being selected by the company searching for talent. In that company’s mind, if they’re hiring a CFO and they have the option to choose between a generalist recruiter or a finance & accounting executive search recruiter in their market with 20 years of experience, whom do you think they’re going to select? Right. The expert.

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Why Is It Important to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency Who Knows the Recruiting Industry?

I’ve talked to hundreds of recruiting firm leaders across the country, and I’m losing track of how many tell me they hired a digital marketing agency in the past that didn’t know the difference between candidates vs. clients. The marketing agency they hired drove website traffic and even leads, but there was a disconnect between why a recruiting agency might want to attract clients, not candidates (or vice versa if you are in a candidate-driven market like IT Consulting). They thought it was all the same. Traffic. And we both know that could not be further from the truth. Those are very different audiences.

At Parqa, we were created within a $17M executive search and consulting firm. Our whole team has experience managing marketing campaigns for recruiting companies. I’ve personally had the opportunity to manage marketing in-house at recruiting firms for the past 7 of my 10 years, specializing in marketing/branding/PR/communications. Our CEO Tony Sorensen is a 20-year recruiting industry leader who has successfully grown two recruiting companies from the ground up, $20M and $17M (and growing). From creating respected recruiting firms from ground zero to rebranding already existing recruiting firms and starting over, we’ve seen it all. Also, we’re a little nerdy about it.

Why? Well, we’ve struggled through the challenges of setting up a PPC campaign on Google, only to have candidate leads fill out our contact forms rather than client leads. That was years ago. We’ve now determined best practices to ensure the highest level of accuracy with attracting qualified leads. As a little history, Tony was dabbling with SEO and PPC back in 2007, which is ancient for digital marketing, and even more unheard of for a recruiting firm.

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Industry-Specific Best Practices Matter

The recruiting industry as a whole is not at the forefront of marketing innovation, but most recruiting firms realize that it’s a changing world, and if you’re not building your credibility online, you’re missing opportunities. Moreover, if you happen to be the top 5% of the market that’s doing more than merely the marketing basics, you’re a diamond in the rough—and I’d love the opportunity to see your online presence and meet whoever is owning that because that’s no small feat!

Whether you’re right at the beginning of growing your brand through content marketing, or you’re in conversations about marketing automation, having a team in your back pocket that knows the recruiting industry as well as you do, will propel you into the next phase of your company. In fact, it will streamline the process and keep you on the cutting edge of the recruiting industry.

How does that help you? Credibility. Without it, you may not get a callback. Without it, you may not be found at all. With it, you open up the door of possibilities of attracting more relevant clients (or candidates based on your business goals). Now that is worth your time to explore!

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