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6 Signs You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

You’re a smart, experienced individual who understands the value of marketing; you’ve put in the time to blog, post on social, send emails, and help your team become thought leaders, yet your digital marketing efforts aren’t moving the dial. So why aren’t you getting the results you had been promised by digital marketing? The reality is that without a solid strategy in place, digital marketing becomes mere trial and error. You can’t reap the benefits of digital marketing by aimlessly churning out content without a solid strategy. To benefit from content and get results, you have to do it right; otherwise it can work against you and give your competitors the edge.

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Here are six signs you need to create a content strategy before you do any digital marketing. If you’re doing any of the following, it’s time to strategize.

1. Posting Random Content/Making It Up As You Go

Working as a digital marketer for the past few years has taught me that if you are coming into the office and creating your topic on the fly, you’ve already lost. It’s easy to fall into that trap—we’ve all done it—but carving out some time at the beginning of your content journey will save you countless hours and dollars down the line. You wouldn’t jump into a car and head out on a road trip without looking at a map would you? You’ll run out of gas before you get there, or worse, you’ll get so lost, you’ll give up on trying to find your destination. To avoid scrambling to find new ideas each month, you need a content calendar and schedule of ideas planned out in advance. Which brings me to the second sign you’re in need of a content strategy…

2. Posting Inconsistently

There are many symptoms of purposeless content, but the biggest tell is not publishing consistently. Business owners are very busy and when it comes to posting content, let’s face it, it seems like a great idea in the moment, but then that conference comes up, or a new sales lead often takes priority. Publishing content consistently takes more than just sticking to a strict regimen of pushing out content; it takes a well-thought-out plan and resources put in place to stick to that plan.

3. Your Content Efforts Aren’t Generating Leads

This one is pretty simple. If you’re making a lot of noise with your content, but you aren’t generating any solid leads or sales from that content, then it’s time to take a look at the kind of traffic you are driving. Remember, 97% of visitors to your website aren’t ready to buy, so it’s not enough to just get them to notice your content, you need to have a strategy behind that content to make sure that it’s as effective as it can be.

4. You’re Not Offering Rich Content

Blogging and posting to social media sites is a great way to generate traffic, but once a visitor comes to your site, how do you turn them into a lead without providing some sort of content like an eBook, webinar, checklist, etc. By providing rich content that your visitors find valuable, you are helping build trust with your visitors, positioning yourself as a consultative leader, and helping them through the buyer’s journey. In an age where “everything is online” and buyers are more informed than ever, it’s critical that you include rich content offers in your content strategy.

5. Your Content Isn’t Resonating With Your Audience

This type of marketing doesn’t motivate your reader to do anything. Content has emerged as one of the most effective ways to build your business’s brand and voice. But if you want your content to be effective, you need to understand what your potential customers are feeling and how they want to feel. Essentially, you have to appeal to the emotion of your prospects, not just the logic of what you do. If you’re in a rut and not seeing results from your content, it’s time to get back to the human element of what you do and make an emotional connection.

6. Your Marketing and Sales Goals Aren’t Aligned, or Worse, You Don’t Have Marketing Goals

Businesses with highly aligned sales and marketing teams achieve an average of 32% year-over-year revenue growth. There’s no doubt that content can boost your brand awareness and improve public sentiment towards your company and its product or service offerings. But if you’re not tying content efforts back to sales and revenue, it can be difficult to motivate your team members to invest the proper amount of effort into content. Without a content strategy to align your marketing and sales efforts, it will be difficult to understand the ROI of your content. To know if you’re getting a return on your content investment, you need to figure out how much you’re affecting the business’ bottom line.

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Above all, my point is that there’s truly no shortcut to building out your marketing funnel, growing your traffic, and generating leads from your website. Simply pushing out content without a plan is not enough and, unfortunately, can actually work against you if customers walk away with a bad taste in their mouth after reading it. With thousands of businesses out there vying for recognition and attention online, building awareness and customer loyalty through meaningful engagement is key to getting noticed. Quality content creation lies at the heart of these efforts. At Parqa, our inbound marketing approach aligns your business and marketing goals so that you can convert more prospects into customers and grow your business online.

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