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The Power Couple: Connected Recruiting + Performance Marketing to Build Candidate Communities

It’s been shared that recruiting firms spend roughly $60 billion annually on single-channel marketing with content aimed at a top-of-funnel audience. But on the flip side, they’re losing an estimated $24 billion. 

You probably don’t want to be like them. You want to be a leader. But doing so means breaking out of the status quo, disrupting outdated belief systems and blazing a new trail.  

That said, you can also learn what not to do by observing the mistakes that most everyone is making—one of the biggest of which is failing to implement a connected recruiting strategy.  

Our friends over at Bullhorn define connected recruiting as “a strategy that empowers staffing firms to engage talent at every stage of the talent lifecycle,” so that staffing firms can “ensure an incredible experience for their talent, create an ever-growing and consistently engaged talent pool, and lower their cost of talent acquisition.”

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Failure to Redeploy Comes With a Massive Price Tag 

We get it. Staffing agencies are determined to generate leads. But it seems like the pursuit of more leads too often distracts many firms from the leads they already have right in their back pocket. 

Consider this: Redeployment is more profitable than pursuing new leads.  

Keeping the leads you already have warm and engaged in a cyclical and connected way—especially when they’re not deployed—means they don’t fall into the gap between their last interaction with you and the next. And you don’t have to waste time and money getting them to pay attention to you over and over again.   

The other staffing firms in your market are losing money every year because they’re not retaining the talent that they worked so hard to win, and they’re failing to redeploy them when their contract ends. And calculating the profitability of increased redeployment rates is one of the most simple, straightforward formulas in the staffing industry: Simply take the estimated cost you spend attracting and onboarding new talent minus the cost of putting an existing candidate on a new assignment. 

The most effective path to redeployment is using modern performance marketing techniques to transform the hundreds or even thousands of inactive, disengaged yet perfectly viable candidates in your database into a thriving, connected, loyal and active candidate community. 

Why Transforming the Pool Into a Community is the Right Move Right Now 

To lead the pack, staffing companies have to stand out in a big way. Talent communities are key differentiators that do exactly this because:  

  • Candidates expect (and deserve) a new kind of experience—one that’s a complete departure from being regularly ghosted by recruiters, or the sense that their application and profile have disappeared into a “black hole.”  
  • Increasingly, top talent is looking for a more consumer-centric experience that reminds them of brands like Target and Amazon.  
  • More than just the Great Resignation, there is truly a labor shortage that continues to unfold. But since so few staffing companies are set up to communicate and engage effectively with candidates at scale, it can actually be pretty easy to show up differently than your competitors.   
  • Remote work means employers can pull talent from anywhere in the country, or even the world. So, giving candidates a sense of belonging and communicating that they’re seen and valued (even when they’re not on assignment) is an easy and fun way to make the world a little smaller and build candidate love and loyalty.  

The Gym Membership and the Personal Trainer 

Successful staffing firms create candidate communities with a combination of connected recruiting and modern performance marketing techniques. 

To understand the potent combo of connected recruiting and performance marketing, think about having the data, technology and content, as well as a guide who shows you how to execute all of it.  

Consider your gym membership. While you may have access to the very best fitness machines proven to work, when left all on your own, life happens, you get lost and overwhelmed, enthusiasm and confidence fade, and your goals feel out of reach in no time.   

Enter the personal trainer.   

Now, you have an expert guide who knows the way because this is their specialty and they’ve achieved success many times before. You’re accountable to someone other than yourself who you can trust to walk with you on your fitness journey. And their one job is to make sure you meet your goals. Plus, they’re there to create a customized plan for you, answer your questions along the way, and offer informed advice when you’re off track.  

Your success at the gym can only go so far when you’re on your own. And the same is true when it comes to going it alone in creating and executing a strategy that brings your data, technology and content together to work for you.  

In case you didn’t get what we did there, Parqa is the “personal trainer”—the expert performance marketing partner who sets you up to win and gets you the results you want faster with less risk and better returns.  

Strategy Without an Expert Partner Isn’t a Strategy at All 

Your agency likely has many needs, whether it’s building your brand’s credibility, creating expert-level digital tactics, or working with better technology to stand up your automation capabilities and distribute your amazing content at scale.  

A great strategy will only take you so far. You also need a strategic partner who can help you identify your gaps, quickly bridge them, and put all of the pieces together into a thoughtful, effective and cohesive marketing plan. Your strategy should be executed with the right messaging and killer content that resonates with and excites your candidates about being a member of the community you’re happily building.  

No More Chasing Leads You Can’t Nurture 

The connected recruiting + performance marketing power couple means you don’t have to keep spending money chasing leads only to let them collect dust in your database.  

It’s time to build a scalable recruiting strategy that works. It’s time to imagine your candidates receiving the right messages at the right time to create a truly personalized, elevated and connected recruiting experience—plus a candidate community they’re proud to belong to.  

Between Bullhorn’s strategy for connected recruiting and Parqa’s capabilities for candidate marketing, client demand generation, and brand strategy, we can transform your database into an active and thriving candidate community together. 

Want to learn more? Let’s get started.

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