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Cleaning Your Leads With Data Management (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Many staffing agencies don’t know they’re sitting on a goldmine. They have more data at their fingertips than ever before. But many still don’t know how to use data management to keep a squeaky-clean list of leads.

In a job market where providing the best candidate experience is a top priority, it’s not hard to see why data management is so important. With disorganized or inaccurate data, your marketing efforts could be:

  • Suffering from gross inefficiencies
  • Targeting the wrong people with the wrong message
  • Damaging your brand as a recruiter
  • Creating (rather than eliminating) work
  • Turning up only mismatched or unqualified leads
  • Making barriers to conversions

But if you’re like most other staffing agencies you might be unaware of the full benefit of using a great data management strategy to keep your list of candidates clean and optimized. 

Staffing With and Without a Data Management Solution

Without good data, many recruiters are casting a wide net, and only capturing a small percentage of conversions. Not only are the conversions low, percentage-wise, but with every “carpet-bombing” campaign they send, they’re creating a clunky and unfriendly candidate experience.

Imagine sending a candidate who’s just begun a six-month contract a message like, “Ready to get hired? Contact us today!” 

To further demonstrate the difference between marketing with or without data management, click through the infographic below illustrating a nurture campaign to a database of leads gathered from a hypothetical paid social campaign:

Data management is a crucial step in delivering a positive candidate experience, which is by far the best way to attract talent in today’s job market. Even those candidates who didn’t convert will remember your brand as delivering better, more relevant messaging that is meaningful to them.

There’s no better way to build a pipeline for future conversions than letting your candidates drive the conversation. 

Even with all the benefits of data management, so many staffing agencies are unable to get started.

Why Staffing Agencies Struggle With Data Management?

Have you discussed data management with any of your overworked recruiters? How did the conversation go?

Chances are, they’ve got enough work on their plate as it is.

While any recruiter would prefer to work from a clean list of leads, adding data management on top of everything that’s already filling their lengthy list of daily tasks is likely a non-starter. That’s especially true for anyone who hasn’t yet experienced the results of effective data management. They’d understandably be hesitant to throw-in with an unfamiliar process that could yield questionable results. 

It’s a good chance that, even if you’ve been in the staffing industry for a short while, your list of leads is as tangled and disorganized as it is expansive.

Anyone charged with the unenviable task of parsing through and making sense of a seemingly endless list of leads – all gathered from a variety of platforms, with varying degrees of information – could easily be discouraged before even getting started. 

Work like that could take years, and still only scratch the surface – all while new leads are pouring in every day. 

Data Management is all About Working Better, Not Harder

Perhaps one of the best things about data management is how the results can be immediate and demonstrate the real benefits of working smarter, not harder.

But where to start?

A great place to start is with the everyday tasks that are keeping your recruiters in a constant state of busy work. With the marketing automation technology available today, we can automate many of those tasks, eliminating a substantial amount of repetitive, time-consuming chores from their plate.

With automation, you could free up hours of a regular workday – time better spent organizing notes and other valuable data points from candidate interactions. Even if your recruiters spent only a couple extra minutes inputting better data in an ATS such as Bullhorn for future reference, you’d immediately begin building a more robust, and organized database.

Working from a clean and organized database has a cascading effect on all of your marketing efforts down the line. With clean data, you’ll have the crucial element you need to build:

  • Your Ideal Candidate Profile, so you know who you want to target
  • A candidate journey map to continually improve your automation strategy
  • Better, more relevant content that lands with the right candidate, at the right point in their candidate journey
  • The best candidate experience in the staffing industry

What About Your Existing Database?

There’s no time like the present to get started on your data management solution to build a better candidate pipeline. It’s a great strategy for all your current and future leads. But what about the massive wealth of data you’ve already collected?

Many recruiters are already using a CRM to help them engage with their candidates. But to make the most use out of your database means using your CRM to let the candidate lead the conversation. 

Whether they’re ignoring an email, or opening it and clicking through to a landing page, that is all valuable data. When that data lands in an optimized database, you’ll have the tools to adjust your content, messaging, or cadence according to your candidate’s level and type of engagement.

Your messaging can be less and less about you and your staffing agency and more about the candidate. You’ll be able to send relevant and timely content with messaging that’s focused on the candidate, and where they are in their employment journey.

While this is just one example of what data management can do for a single contact, imagine what you can accomplish when you automate even further to scale those efforts across your entire database.

Getting Your Unique Data Management Solution Has Never Been Easier

The staffing agencies who are working with insufficient and unorganized data are working too hard. They’re nurture funnel is likely clogged with irrelevant and possibly even tone-deaf messaging. It’s a funnel that, without clean and accessible data, could easily become an inhospitable landscape for your leads. That’s one of the main reasons recruiters are seeing so many valuable candidates fall through the cracks. 

Our Marketing Technology team has been busy helping several of our clients build a lean and mean list of their leads. In turn, they’re creating a candidate journey that is not only outstanding in their industry, but is actually attracting better, more qualified leads.

But the fact is, they were too “in-the-weeds” to get started on their own.

Transforming your agency begins with getting in touch with Parqa. We can help to seamlessly transform your marketing strategy with solutions like data management so you can do what you do best. 

In the long run, you’ll be working less, spending less, getting better results. It is possible, you could see an immediate ROI on your marketing efforts, and in the long run, elevate your brand in the industry. Contact Parqa today to find out how. 

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