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How Online Marketing Benefits Hiring Managers and Candidates

The dilemma. You have a hiring manager who wants to find the right candidate, and a highly qualified job seeker wants to find the right job. How do they meet?

Online Marketing

The solution. Online marketing can help these two find each other, and go through a process of interviews to determine if they are the right fit. Each has a need they want filled, and online marketing can prove to be their solution.

Online marketing, specifically inbound marketing – which is the process of a company generating content, whether it be through blog posts, videos, social media, email marketing, SEO, etc. – attracts a specific audience, and helps the company to gain credibility. By generating relevant content, the hiring manager/company can find themselves in the right place at the right time online, when and where the job seeker is looking.

Online marketing is a tool that can be used for almost any business, to bring in new business, generate brand awareness, and create new connections.  Understanding what your goals of online marketing are, prior to building a strategy, is critical to the success of any online marketing initiative. Components and goals can easily be added in conjunction or based on an opportunity after the fact, but understanding the root goal at inception is the most important part of any campaign. To discover your root goal, ask yourself, what is the main thing I am trying to accomplish?

Online Marketing Outlets

The number of online marketing tools that exist today is vast, and growing at an astounding pace. There are so many marketing channels, that it can be a challenge just to figure out which are the right ones to use! These channels are not just a growing group of online marketing tactics, but more and more there are becoming vertical-specific channels. They can be very lucrative for online marketing for your specific vertical.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn are some of the old standbys for social media, and from there, you get into other vertical tactics. For recruiters and hiring managers, these may be CareerBuilder, Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn Recruiter.


Online marketing and user interaction on the web has grown to a point where there are so many moving parts and touch points, that it is a challenge to identify where to jump in.  Not just jump in, but where it makes sense, how to go about it, and if it fits the corporate objectives.

Content and Job Postings 


Content generation and content curation is the all the rage right now in online marketing.  Blogging and social sharing of information is a trend that has been around for quite some time, but it’s been generating more and more attention in the last year, and it doesn’t appear to be something that will slow down any time soon as the consumer appetite for new, interesting, and thought provoking information continues to pique the interest of online users.

Using the right tactics at the right time will create visibility, awareness, and promotion that can help you fulfill your business goals. In creating online content, making it memorable and making it stand out, is an important element. If you’re a recruiting firm, for example, whether creatively writing a job posting in a way that’s not often done, or blogging about content that displays you as a thought leader, your company will benefit by standing out.

With those two examples, you’ll accomplish some pretty cool outcomes:
If you: Create job postings that are sexy…
You’ll get: More candidates applying for your job!

If you: Blog about content that proves you to be a thought leader within your industry…
You’ll get: Hiring managers who are more comfortable, knowing they are in good hands!

The Right People at the Right Time

Ultimately, what it all comes down to is setting solid goals and working with the right tools to accomplish your business needs. In the example of an executive search firm, this means that you’ll attract great jobs, and the right candidates. Sounds like a win-win to me!

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