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Q&A With Jared: The ‘Why’ Behind PARQA’S New Website and Brand Identity

Staffing firms across the country are waking up to the fact that they need to accelerate their digital transformation. They’re seeing that only by investing in scalable processes, technologies, and communication strategies will they ensure long-term growth and drive enterprise value. 

But did you know that there’s a powerful trifecta that your firm needs to do just that? 

How you bring together these three elements will be critical to the way forward in 2023 and beyond:  

  1. Your tech stack 
  2. Your data
  3. Your communication strategy 

Here at PARQA, we recently launched a beautiful new website that more accurately conveys not just our brand identity, but the solutions our high-performing team offers to put that trifecta to work for you. 

I recently sat down with our president Jared Hummel to get his take on what’s most exciting about this new and improved experience, and the “why” behind it all. 

Q. When it comes to PARQA’s new website, what are you most excited about? 

A. What I’m most excited about is how perfectly this new experience reflects who PARQA has become. And I’ve watched it grow and change at an incredible pace. 

I would say the first three years were proof of concept. At first, we were mostly doing SEO and pay-per-click work, and much of that was for very small firms. Meanwhile, companies like Sense and what was then known as Herefish were mere start-ups. There were no technology companies like Bullhorn or Salesforce with a large focus on automation for the staffing and recruiting industry. 

Fast-forward to now, and Sense raised $100M and Bullhorn has bought Herefish, invested heavily in it, and created a customer success team to support it. And Salesforce has grown into a key automation player with a robust and differentiated presence that’s truly shaping our industry. 

So, the rate of change has been astounding. 

The opportunity that PARQA would have was clear in my head years ago, but timing is everything. We had our proof of concept, but technology had to catch up. I’m not afraid to say that we had to grit our teeth and earn it—and we did so through COVID-19 and while huge investments were made in automation and HR technology. So, it took us a full five years to get here. And in that time, we lived a story that was compelling enough to attract and hire the dynamic leaders, technology experts and agency-level creatives that we have on our team now. 

As our new solutions hit the market and we proved that we could deliver on them to the level that our clients needed, a new site was just the logical next step to tell the full story that reflects the blood, sweat, tears and investment from our owners. And thanks to all of that, we have gone from being a competitor with other marketing companies to really doing something this industry has never seen. There are endless marketing vendors, but there’s a huge void when it comes to industry partners who actually solve business problems. 

Obviously, from a content and design perspective, we now have team members who have the chops to accurately reflect the quality of our work. The new site gave our team an opportunity to shine and tell the story of who we really are. So, what I’m most excited about is the fact that it’s more than just a brand refresh—our whole business changed to revolutionize the staffing industry. It’s so fun. And the new PARQA website is such a strong foundation for all of the other things we’ll be doing in 2023 to promote our people and the solutions we’ve crafted. 

Q. Can you describe how the way PARQA works with clients is unique? 

A. While PARQA’s solutions are certainly unique and span the marketing-technology continuum to connect a company’s data, tech stack and communications strategy, PARQA’s service approach—essentially how we work with our clients—is also unique. PARQA is the bridge between marketing and technology, and our capabilities span the continuum.

One of the core tenants of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), the set of tools and concepts that we use at PARQA, is that a company needs to get clear on its “three uniques.” This means that you can have a competitor who does two out of the three things you do, but the combination of the three has to make you stand out from anyone else in your space.

At PARQA, our three “uniques” are that we’re backed by decades of staffing experience, powered by A-level agency talent, and can deliver on consulting, execution and optimization.  

Sure, there are many other companies that do consulting on things like systems integration. They analyze the situation and apply deep knowledge of a specific topic, but they don’t necessarily stay with their client to make sure that their business gets the benefit out of what they’ve proposed and invested in from a consulting perspective. And those companies don’t do content—and certainly not with the agency-level talent we have—so you have to enlist another partner for that. 

On the execution front, a lot of other companies offer what I call the “put in a quarter model.” You can go to any agency in the world, put in your “quarter,” and get social content and blogs. But are they crafted as part of a holistic strategy, and then optimized based on analytics to make sure they’re solving your business problems? Probably not. We know that marketing on its own doesn’t move the needle anymore.

So, you’re left with this gap with marketing operations sitting between branding and content and technology and data. PARQA bridges that gap because we understand that technology and data are how you optimize. In other words, it’s easy to write a blog, but it’s much harder to write a blog that performs well or helps you hit a KPI that your business needs to continue to grow. 

And so, a big indication of our evolution is the fact that we rarely talk to our clients about tactics anymore. We talk to them about their business problems, and then we provide solutions into which omni-channel tactics are built to solve those problems.

In a nutshell, PARQA is unique because our team will help you understand what you need to do (consult), and we’ll also do it for you (execute). And then, after it’s done, we’ll stay with you and refine it based on the data (optimize). 

So many companies can say that they consult or execute, but I have yet to come across a company that can say—and prove—that they also optimize. That’s the most unique and valuable one, and it’s the hardest to do correctly.

Another really important part of our unique positioning is that we deliver value faster because we know the staffing industry. Our clients love that they don’t have to spend a ton of time educating us on what direct sourcing is, or what an MSP is. From chapter one, we speak their language and understand their challenges. That’s why one of my favorite lines from the new site is music to their ears: We exist to get you there faster with less risk and stronger returns.

Q. What’s the change in perception that we intend to create? After someone visits the new site, what’s the single most important idea about PARQA that they should understand? 

A. When someone from the outside looks at us, historically their perspective has been that we’re just a niche marketing agency. But we’ve been doing so much work behind the scenes, like building great processes and hiring the best people. We took what we learned from the success of the first three years and spent 2022 reinventing and upscaling ourselves to truly step into the space that we created. So, the perception change I hope the new website will create is that PARQA is not just an outsourced marketing vendor—we craft holistic and data-driven solutions for the staffing industry in candidate marketing, client demand generation and brand strategy. 

Q. Lastly, I noticed that we’re now just “PARQA” in all caps. Why are we yelling?

A. Hey, when your goal is as big as revolutionizing the staffing industry, you have to get loud. And we dropped the “marketing” from our name to help with that change in perception from a typical digital marketing agency that operates on the tactical level to a true performance marketing consultancy that creates omnichannel solutions for business problems. While performance marketing isn’t new, it’s  certainly new to staffing, so it’s important that our message is loud and clear: We are the partner who can help you become a staffing firm of the future.

Are you ready to explore working with PARQA to revolutionize your staffing firm (and the whole industry) together? 

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