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The Core of the Staffing and Recruiting Industry: Relationships, and How To Build Them

One of the most common themes we hear in the staffing and recruiting industry is how much depends on strong relationships. Indeed, deep, long-term relationships seem to be the key element to success in the recruiting industry.

At Parqa, we’ve noticed how many of the most successful partnerships between employment agencies and their clients all share these similar traits:

  • Trust
  • Familiarity
  • Closeness, and even
  • Friendship

That is why we are taking a moment to examine this most essential component to building a successful staffing and recruiting agency. But relationships don’t just happen. They are built over time. And they take more effort than a couple of successful placements.

Read on to learn how easy (and fun) it can be to build crazy-good relationships with your team, and your clients, and how your commitment to this essential element could determine not only the success of your staffing agency, but the joy you’re able to experience every day, in your work.

What Strong Relationships Say About Your Market Expertise

As a marketing agency for staffing and recruiting companies, one essential service we provide our clients are branding strategy campaigns. While each of our client’s brands are completely different – from the brand design, to our client’s approach to building brand credibility – they all share a common element: to fully convey how deeply committed they are to their business partners.

We find many agencies are keen to define themselves in terms like, “non-transactional,” “trustworthy,” and “the most friendly partner in the industry.”

And it’s not just hyperbole.

Our clients in the staffing and recruiting industry provide a service that no other business in their industry can duplicate: an employment solution from a network of talented candidates that are so much more than just a filler to an empty seat. Our clients provide candidates that are a unique match – both for their skills and their cultural fit – and are the best resource for creating success and growth in their placements.

This is an inimitable talent that is not easy to describe. Any staffing agency can say they’re the only company that can provide the best employment solutions for their clients. But not every staffing agency can deliver that message with conviction.

That may be why so many staffing and recruiting agencies are keen to demonstrate how the only thing rarer than their knack for pairing the right candidate to the right position is how far above and beyond they are willing to go to create deep, long-lasting relationships built on trust.

So how is it possible to fully demonstrate to your audience that your agency is the one they should trust to provide this very intimate and incomparable service of staffing their company’s talent?

Why Broadcasting Your Team Culture is the Key to Building Crazy-Good Relationships

One of the most effective ways to build genuine relationships is almost too simple: go out and have fun.

At Parqa, we believe so strongly in building our culture of strong relationships in and outside of the office – not just because it’s fun, but because we learn so much more about our team members than what we see from the often limited perspective of our desks.

At Parqa marketing, we’re all about getting together to have fun and taking the time to enjoy our coworkers without always “talking shop.” Along the way we’ve built a strong work culture and deep working relationships that is evident in our work.

Demonstrating your agency’s ability and commitment to building strong relationships internally is one of the best ways to model those same values externally, with your clients. This is especially true for potential clients who are only just discovering your staffing agency for the first time.

This is even more true for those recruiting agencies whose high-level placement of executives and managerial talent – a process that could require considerable time and resources – depends largely on the pedigree of their network and the depths of the relationships therein.

How Staffing & Recruiting Agencies Can Demonstrate Their Commitment to Building Strong Relationships

This part is a little more tricky.

While your agency may be great at building relationships, not every company can broadcast that message in a genuine way.

There is a delicate balancing act in creating marketing content that naturally relays your company culture with authenticity – often it takes a special blend of messaging in your marketing content that combines your excitement for building relationships while grounding that story in a relevant topic. 

Sometimes it takes a creative message to bridge the gap between those two elements. But, content is king. And your marketing content should be able to leverage both elements in a meaningful way.

So where do you start? What are some things you’re already doing that could help truly sell your ability to create and nurture strong relationships?

importance of culture in staffing and recruiting

Make the Most of Every Holiday!

parqa social team at staffing outingThe holiday season is right around the corner. How does your staffing agency celebrate a season of togetherness for friends and family? Those end-of-year posts are especially potent content for companies who take the time to give thanks for all that they’ve been able to accomplish over the past year, and to look forward to new opportunities and new ways to serve your clients in the coming year.

Don’t Overlook Employee Milestones!

Whether a new team member is joining your ranks, or you just want to celebrate an intern (let’s hear it for the interns!), your company should take every opportunity to showcase your team members. It feels great to be recognized on social media, and it’s an excellent way to keep your audience up to date with the latest news from your team.

Schedule a Team Meeting Around a Lunchtime Gathering

What a better way to combine your messaging around company culture with actual agency initiatives you’re working on? Even if your outing was just a purely social event, sharing a simple shout-out to your coworkers can effectively illustrate your ability to create and nurture winning relationships!

Define Why Relationships Are Important to Your Company and Critical To Your Work

building relationships with staffing and recruiting clientsSimply sharing your company culture is often not enough. Using those posts as a jumping-off point to discuss “why relationships,” and to define how your commitment to your clients makes your company best suited to provide a game-changing employment solution. 

Relationships, and Driving the Conversation in the Staffing and Recruiting Industry

As an agency that specializes in marketing content for staffing and recruiting agencies, it has been an honor and a privilege to work in an industry that is so deeply bound by genuine relationships and camaraderie between recruiters and their clients.

It is very reassuring to see, especially these days.

When we share our culture, we stand out in the crowd. When companies demonstrate their commitment to building deep and meaningful relationships, they recall an essential component of their work, without which, you might be just another headhunter.

We love to tell the story of our clients just as we relish sharing tidbits from our own company. We should be so lucky – it’s a great excuse to get down with the team, and have a lot of fun

When you’re ready to combine that message with valuable, relevant content that further describes why you’re the only staffing agency in the industry who can provide the best talent, call on us.

What do you want to celebrate? How do you want to deliver the story of your company? The marketing team at Parqa are standing by to help you create that special blend of content that sets you apart in your industry. Contact Parqa Marketing, today!

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